18K Rose Gold - Twisted Lobular Moonstone Ring

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Works designed in cooperation with "Heart Moonlight Stone", Showing the feeling of vines with intertwined twists, The claws in the bag are mini leaves. The main stone is moonstone, 6 small diamonds on the side The body of the body is 18k rose gol


18K Rose Gold - Twisted Lobular Moonstone Ring


[Design Introduction] Works designed in cooperation with "Heart Moonlight Stone", Showing the feeling of vines with intertwined twists, The claws in the bag are mini leaves. The main stone is a high-purity moonstone. The side is adorned with 6 small diamonds. The main body of the body is made of 18k rose gold. Since each production uses a different moonstone, How much is different from the reference picture, But the quality will be the same level, Please confirm with the designer before the order to determine the current quality of the moonstone. [Other instructions] ◆This product is made after ordering, and it takes an average of 14 working days to send it (excluding holidays). ◆Please inform the designer if the correct ringing is required. If the ring is not correct, it needs to be modified. In addition to the burden of return shipping, it is also necessary to charge a modification fee ranging from 1000 to 2000, depending on the difficulty of modification. [Measurement and precautions] 1. There are many factors affecting the ringing, finger shape / edema constitution / measurement method / season / temperature, etc. will affect, that is, after using the tool measurement, there is no guarantee that the ring must be just right, slightly larger or smaller is often Yes, as long as it is not too loose or too tight to cause pain, it is still normal. 2. When using the ringing device, the comfort will not fall after wearing. If the No. 11 Taisong No. 11 is too tight, it can take the 11th and a half. The fingers will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction in summer and winter. More than half of the winter, please consider the considerations, basically a little tight in the summer try-on, slightly loose in the winter try to wear the ideal state, or in accordance with the season to change the finger is also a solution ~__If the body is easy to edema, please avoid edema Take the time limit__to avoid inaccurate ringing. 3. If you have more than one thousand yuan, you can provide a free mailing and measuring device service. After you place the order and send it, please send it. Please provide the address. 4. If you do not have any measuring tools, it is recommended to go to the nearby jewelry store/silver building and ask the other party to use tools to help you measure them. There will be no inaccurate problems. 5. You can measure the inner diameter of the old ring and compare the ring table, or inform the designer of the value,__inner ring of the old ring must still maintain a perfect circle, and the deformation is not applicable__. 6. It can cut a length of paper with a width of about 5mm (the paper is too wide will affect the measurement of the circumference), use it to circle the finger and tighten until the finger is still comfortable, mark the overlap of the paper, and flatten it. Measure the circumference of a finger and a control ring surrounding the table, or to inform the designer value,__this method is easy because the paper does not tensioned or pulled too tight for an error is generated__attention. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/45988502842_888a79ce04_b.jpg [Material] k gold (18k rose gold) Moonstone*1 Diamond*6 【package】 ◆ Kraft paper textured box and paper bag. ◆ Wipe the silver cloth. [Silver Maintenance] ◆ Always wear your jewelry, the oil on the skin can provide a layer of protection, so that it is not easy to oxidize and black. ◆If it is not worn for a long time, it can be placed in a container with good sealing such as a zipper bag. ◆ Avoid wearing with other metal jewelry at the same time, it is easy to rub and impact to produce scratches. ◆Do not soak the hot springs, sea water and chemicals to avoid blackening caused by chemical changes in the metal. ◆ Usually cleaned with a little salad, gently rinse, then rinse with water, and blow dry with a hair dryer. [Silver warranty and repair] My work is provided with a lifetime maintenance service, you only have to pay for the return shipping, but if the surface damage recovery or metal break repair, etc., you need to quote another. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade


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