CLAUS PORTO Water Ensemble Perfume # 3 Quiet Moments / Golden Fragrant Pine

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Agua De Colonia Water Ensemble Perfume Series tells a journey in Portugal and also tells the classic taste of Claus Porto over 130 years. A series of perfumes co-operated with CLAUS PORTO by the famous British perfumer Lyn Harris for the first time.


CLAUS PORTO Water Ensemble Perfume # 3 Quiet Moments / Golden Fragrant Pine

商品説明 __**If memory is a moment, the aroma is proof that the moment is imprinted into eternity**__ Agua De Colonia records Lyn Harris's beautiful moments in Portugal. This fragrance tour visits Portugal’s famous Alentejo Plain, Comporta Gold Coast, Douluo Valley Vineyards, the secret land of Flores Island, and the most representative Lisbon and Porto. Let the fragrance cross the distance between language and text, telling this unforgettable memory, and also telling the classic taste of CLAUS PORTO for more than 130 years. __**CLAUS PORTO brand status**__ When it comes to top perfume craftsmanship, the world thinks of France, when it comes to handmade leather goods, it thinks of Italy, and Portugal is the ancestor of Europe in making top-grade perfumed soaps for more than a century. Among them, CLAUS PORTO has an irreplaceable brand status in Portugal. Not only has it been designated by the royal family at the end of the 19th century, it is now the first choice for personal use and gifting by celebrities worldwide. American TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp, and international supermodel Kate Moss are all loyal users of the brand. Even the leading Le Bon Marché in Paris, Le Bon Marché, has rarely launched an exclusive co-branded model. Such a highly respected version is unmatched by other perfume soap brands! ____ **Chief Perfumer Lyn Harris** **Britain's most fashionable and elegant perfume nose** It is definitely an art form as, through using your tools of creativity, you are fulfilling an idea which in turn brings so much pleasure to the individual; as a painting or piece of music does.... -LYN HARRIS- Lyn Harris is an independent British perfumer, and VOGUE is known as the most fashionable perfume nose in Britain. In 2000, he founded the Miller Harris brand. In 2015, he opened a minimalist and elegant Perfumer H haute couture perfume shop. Lyn Harris, who lived in Yorkshire, England and Scotland, grew up and went to France to study perfume art with Monique Schlienger in Paris, and later cooperated with Robertet Group in Grasse. This experience made her the only perfume nose trained in French classics in the UK. Started cooperation with CLAUS PORTO in 2017. Designed the Deco Collection fragrance series and made the first fragrance for CLAUS PORTO-Le Parfum-which became the current Agua de Colonia collection. Inspired by Lyn Harris’s trip to Portugal, its smell and scenery stop at the most exciting places of this trip: Alentejo, Lisbon, Comporta, Douro and the must-see city of Porto. ____ __**CLAUS PORTO Agua De Colonia # 3 – AGUA FOUGERE**__ __**Quiet Moment / Golden Fragrant Pine**__ ____ **Comporta** The endless golden line and the slanting sun's sight penetrate the entire fragrant pine forest. Regular and quiet tides overlap to form the Gold Coast of Comporta. The sea breeze accompanies the fragrant pine and the laid-back breath, giving summer a lazy moment. ____ **Main ingredients** Fragrance notes-top notes: pine needles, white rosin, geranium; middle notes: jasmine, pepper; base notes: cedar, moss, frankincense. **How to use** Spray on the body at any time, it is recommended to use the pulse on both hands and behind the ears. **specification** 125ml **Quality advantage** This is the memory of Portugal's journey and smell. The sea breeze came from afar, accompanied by the exotic atmosphere of the pine forest and urban garden. The fruity fruits cover the entire vineyard, sweet and slightly drunk. Orange and lemon describe the fields after the sun. The magnificent centuries-old stone stele and wild flowers blend with hardness and softness to create an indescribable deep feeling. Agua De Colonia tells a journey and also tells the classic taste of Claus Porto over 130 years. The famous British perfumer Lyn Harris collaborated with Claus Porto for the first time. Agua De Colonia was inspired by Lyn's trip to Portugal, depicting the journey experience with fragrance. ____ __**Agua De Colonia Water Ensemble Perfume Collection**__ #1 Mark of the Earth/Haiti Vetiver # 2 Civilized Wildness / Red Mallow #3 Quiet Moment / Golden Fragrant Pine #4 Wealthy Manor / Happy Orange #5 Dawn / Fresh Lemon #6 Wild Fragrance/Seven White Jasmine ____ **Gifts need to be bagged, please put in the order remarks (do not pick the style and ship randomly)** or 🌟**Gifts have been upgraded, plus purchase bags. Here is "CLAUS PORTO brand paper bags"**🌟 **Ivory paper 25 x 25 x 11 cm can hold 2 diffusers** ____ ❤️**I am very moved after reading it, but I don’t know if this is suitable for me**❤️ Perfume Experience Bottle 5ml Find your unique fragrance ____


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