New Year Gift Box---50g fruit/spread 4 pcs

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We help you prepare a small gift for the new year, put your warm heart into it, boil it carefully, You can taste the four most popular flavors at once. Simple packaging, with a special cool card attached to the bag, write down what you want to say to the other party.


50g x 4


New Year Gift Box---50g fruit/spread 4 pcs


***Want to give the sweetest new year gift to the most precious you*** We help you prepare a small gift, put your warm heart into it, cook it with your heart, You can taste the four most popular flavors at once. Simple packaging, with a special cool card attached to the bag, write down what you want to say to the other party. ***50g jam 4 into the New Year gift box content*** 1. 50 grams of milk spread + 50 grams of seasonal fruit jam or 50 grams of seasonal fruit jam in four. 2. One entry for special cool cards and one entry for paper bags. ***Gift box flavor description*** **Description of milk spread** **1.[Koyama Matcha]** ///Match sauce ingredients: Japanese Koyama Garden Matcha, French President Brand Fresh Cream, Taiwan Liuying Fresh Milk and Unbleached Red Rock Sugar. Use Japanese Koyama Garden Matcha, President Brand Fresh Cream, Liuying Fresh Milk and Unbleached Rock Sugar. During the cooking process, we reduce the ratio of whipped cream to sugar, which makes it refreshing in the throat. It won't get the thick feeling of a layer of cream, and more importantly, the increase in the proportion of matcha powder is a thick matcha taste. **2.[Earl Grey Milk Tea]** ///Sponge ingredients: English Downing Earl Grey tea, French President brand fresh cream, Taiwan Liuying fresh milk, unbleached red rock sugar. It's like condensing the pot of milk tea in a bottle, every bite is full of milk tea flavor :) We use Twining’s earl grey tea leaves, boiled in fresh milk on a low fire, Let the magic of time slowly transform a pot of milk tea into a rich tea matcha. **In addition, jam flavors are randomly selected, the flavors are as follows* **Pure strawberry** It uses non-toxic strawberries native to Taiwan, does not spray pesticides, and conforms to nature. Although small, But the taste is rich and fragrant, the taste is sweet and sour, and it is full of good strawberries, which is good for children. . **Berry Meimei** Using this non-toxic strawberry and organic edible rose, you first smell the rose fragrance when you eat it. Then there is the sourness of cranberries, with the sweetness of strawberries at the end, which is very delicious. . **Red Guava** Very strong guava fragrance, concentrated in the bottle. With a strong plum aroma, This is the flavor that appears after being boiled, and the prunes are not added to the boil, which is amazing:) . **Plum Xiang Kumquat** Slice the golden jujube from Jiaoxi, Yilan, carefully slice and remove the seeds, and add a little bit of homemade plum sauce to it overnight and the next day. Pour an appropriate amount of plum wine to enhance the flavor before starting the pot. This is the golden jujube jam that belongs to the little sweetheart-plum fragrant kumquat. . **Red wine mulberries** The mulberries and cranberries were soaked in honey overnight. During the cooking process, add some red wine, In addition to the softness of mulberries, you can also smell the aroma of red wine and taste the sourness of cranberries. It is a layered jam. . **Forest berries** Our forest berries add the sweetness of strawberries, the rose of raspberries, and the sweetness of mulberries. The sourness of cranberry, honey stain overnight, let all kinds of goodness blend together. . **Passion Pineapple** Combine the passion fruit that grows under the southern sun with pineapple, take the sour fragrance of passion fruit and the sweetness of pineapple, Concentrate in a bottle. . **Earl Grey Apple Tea** Boil the apples and Earl Grey Downing tea together, puree half of the diced apples, and leave the other half as they are, so that you can apply them easily. You can also retain the taste, come and taste the delicious apple jam! . **Orange grapefruit** The rich aroma of Sanji and the peculiar sour aroma of grapefruit are good for each! Although the production process is troublesome, the results are very sweet. Spoon two spoons of jam into the sparkling water, Add lemon slices as you like and taste the fragrance. . **Passion Orange Pear** I have always liked the aroma and taste of pears, whether they are soft or hard, the taste is different. This time we combined it with oranges and passion fruit. During the cooking process, The taste of passion fruit and orange is very charming, The color is also yellow like warm sun, which makes people comfortable. ***Gift box size*** Outer box size: width 129 height 4 sides 129mm Inner diameter size: length 111 width 111 height 40 thickness 6mm A jar of jam: length 50 width 50 height 47mm ***Save method*** **Fruit jam** Unopened in a cool place, can be stored for 6 months, After opening, put it in the refrigerator, the best taste period is 2 months. ***Milk spread sauce*** Please refrigerate immediately after receipt. Can be refrigerated for 2 months, the best taste period is one month. When eating, please use a clean and dry spoon to pick it up to prevent the jam from going bad and moldy. ***Delicious proposal*** 1. It is best with yogurt. Add sugar-free yogurt to your favorite jam, sprinkle a little dried fruit or oatmeal, and finish with light meals. 2. Spoon two spoons of jam into the sparkling water, add lemon slices as you like, and taste the fragrance. 3. With toast bread, enjoy pure and delicious. **Sweetheart handmade jam uses a variety of fruits to capture their own advantages and create a unique flavor** **The flavor of each batch of fruit is different, and there will be slight differences between each batch of jam, but it is also a natural proof** **Make a good jam, let you savor the warm heart** **While enjoying the jam, it also preserves the beauty of this season**


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