FLIPPOS Trendy Functional Compression Socks【Ka Mate War Dance】

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Ka Mate also uses this design to express New Zealand's integration of diverse ethnic groups and respect for traditional culture.


FLIPPOS Trendy Functional Compression Socks【Ka Mate War Dance】


Haka is a traditional Maori dance in New Zealand. It used to be a cheer dance before the start of the war. Now the most well-known is New Zealand’s national rugby "All Blacks" will perform once before the game. In addition to expressive power and more connotation of being a team, the traditional culture of one's own country is used on the court, and the audience who appreciates the game and the opponent show the highest respect. But the card dance is not only performed before the ball game, it is also a warm welcome to the guests, the praise of special achievements, the gathering ceremony between tribes, and it is also used to express the memory and respect for the dead at the funeral. Generally speaking, the card dance performed by the All Blacks is called Ka Mate, and the card dance performed on different occasions is different, but you often see the movements of stepping, stepping on the feet, slapping the body, sticking out the tongue and widening the eyes. The content is to describe ancestors and major events in history. #Flip socks design The classic FLIPPOS style Tā moko is used, matched with the all-black team color to show the heroic spirit of the players. When the socks are turned down, it expresses the perfect combination of Europe and Maori culture and passed on from generation to generation. In fact, New Zealand is the best country in the world for integrating European immigrants and local aborigines, whether in terms of law or traditional cultural preservation. Ka Mate also uses this design to express New Zealand’s integration of diverse ethnic groups And respect for traditional culture. **WHY FLIPPOS?** The original idea of FLIPPOS flip socks is to create a pair of all-round compression socks, suitable for work, go directly to exercise after get off work, you can also get the bottom of the socks. Considering that the work style of modern people is mostly sedentary and standing for a long time, which makes the feet and calves feel uncomfortable. Use compression stockings to apply "gradual pressure" from the sole of the foot to the calf to improve this situation. In addition, using flip socks during exercise can effectively reduce muscle vibration, produce greater exercise force, and improve the fatigue recovery speed after exercise. **Flip length, flip attitude** In order to cater for any occasion and any outfit, Flip Socks is an original reflex compression stocking that can be worn under the knee or folded back to the calf. The stockings can be changed into short socks in one second. ★Length before turning: Under the knee ★Length after flipping: 18cm on ankle https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50289127407_c0daa05ffb_o.jpg **FLIPPOS flip socks application range** Daily wear, wear before and after exercise (running, cycling, skateboarding, climbing, physical training, etc.), traveling, taking a long-distance flight, or improving legs before and after pregnancy. **Main functions of FLIPPOS flip socks** ✔ This is a pair of functional compression socks ✔ It’s not sultry in summer and keep your feet warm in winter ✔ Original design, changing stockings into short socks in one second ✔ Relieve the discomfort of sitting and standing for a long time ✔ Proudly made in Taiwan ✔ Technological yarn, feels like Egyptian cotton ✔ Relieve daily stress ✔ Fix calf muscles to increase exercise power ✔ Increase the speed of recovery after exercise ✔ Quickly dry and wick away sweat, and dry socks all day long ✔ Silver fiber is anti-bacterial, it won't smell bad even after 3 days ✔ Washable, durable, and elastic https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50289127247_30fcd6b6f4_b.jpg **FLIPPOS flip socks** The compression value of FLIPPOS flip socks falls within 15-25mmHG, which belongs to the daily use grade and is not a medical product, so medical certification is not required. **FLIPPOS flip socks-Egyptian cotton touch & silver ion** The main material of the flip socks is technical nylon mixed with Lycra lycra yarn. This material is 4 times more expensive than ordinary combed cotton. The main function is quick-drying and wicking and feels like Egyptian cotton. In addition, silver ion deodorizing technology is added to the sole of the foot. The effect will be reduced due to time or number of washes. 85% Nylon technical nylon 7% Lycra 4% Cotton 2% elastane 2% Silver Fiber silver ion/deodorant Common socks problems: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50288303428_c66b81900c_b.jpg **Socks loose** Generally common socks socks have the following possibilities Mostly made of cotton Elastic fiber material is poor Storage method Washing and drying method **Monotonous appearance** Because the pattern is complex, it is easy to cause uneven thickness of the socks and unstable compression value. Therefore, most of the compression socks on the market have a monotonous and simple appearance. **Easy pilling** Socks on the market are mostly made of pure cotton. After rubbing and washing, the soles of the socks are easy to fluff. **Holes in socks** Poor quality of socks and poor walking posture can easily cause holes in the socks (heel). **No seamless weaving technology** After the socks are knitted, there will be an opening at the joint between the toes and the sock body, which needs to be sealed before being worn. This sealing action is called [Seamless Knitting Technology]. Press down to see the thickness of the socks after sealing. The flatter the socks, the more comfortable they will be to wear. **Cleaning recommendations** It is recommended that your best washing method is hand washing, which can extend the life of the product. Correct cleaning and maintenance should be carried out as soon as possible after use. Please keep the water temperature below 30℃, use neutral lotion (PH value between 6-8) Do not use bleaching agents, fluorescent whitening agents and fabric softeners. If you are in doubt about whether your own laundry detergent will fade, please wash it separately first. For machine washing, it is recommended to use a pocket to prolong the life and quality of the product, and do not rub it vigorously when washing by hand. Please wash the dark and light colors separately, do not soak. Do not dry clean. Drying in the shade is better, because elastic functional products may deform or shrink when exposed to high temperatures, so high temperature methods such as dryers and hair dryers are less recommended. **Drying advice** Drying in the shade is better, because elastic functional products may deform or shrink when exposed to high temperatures, so high temperature methods such as dryers and hair dryers are less recommended. **Precautions** The 7 days after the date of receipt of the product is estimated to be the appreciation period approved by the Consumer Insurance Association. If you need to return or exchange the product during the 7-day appreciation period, you must keep the product tag intact. Once opened, the product cannot be returned or exchanged. If you need to handle the return or exchange within the 7-day appreciation period, you need to bear the return shipping cost. (Except for the wrong goods and defects). Please ensure that the returned and exchanged goods are clean and complete, and do not open or cut the tag, contaminate with stains and peculiar smell, and soak and wash. Socks are recognized as underwear by the Consumer Protection Association. Once used (including try-on), no return or exchange service will be provided. (Except for the wrong goods and defects). Thread ends, slight off-line, size 2-3CM error, screen color difference and other conditions are within the acceptable range of international inspection standards, so they are not defective. The carton packaging of the product must be kept intact. If the product cannot be restored to its original state due to damage or destruction, returns will not be accepted.


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