Cover Dyeing Universal Towel / Printed Handkerchief-Happy Papaya

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The soft and comfortable touch allows it to appear everywhere in your life, saving you any moment when you need a handkerchief.



Cover Dyeing Universal Towel / Printed Handkerchief-Happy Papaya


【Size】53x53 cm 【laundry guide】 1. Both direct hand washing and machine washing are possible. For machine washing, please put it in the "laundry bag". If the washing machine has the "soft washing function", please turn it on, which will extend the service life. 2. It is normal for the color to fade after repeated cleaning. Please clean the product independently and avoid washing it with other clothes. [Introduction of cover dyeing fabric technology] Since the 12th century, India’s cover dyeing technology has been very famous. They use natural plant colors as dyes. They feed the cloth into the dye tank again and again. After passing the dye back and forth hundreds of times, wait for the white cotton quilt. After dyeing, it is necessary to prepare a hot water dye with a special composition, boil the cloth in it, and then expose it for two days until it is completely dry, before proceeding to the next step-"Start Dyeing". And there is a profession called "seal master", they are closely related to the history of the printing process. They will first create a variety of patterns on the wood, and then use the "hand cover" and "hand cover brush" methods to transform these beautiful totems onto the fabric. Sometimes the seals they want to make are small and exquisite, sometimes they are weirdly big, but as long as they are given time, all these wild patterns can be magically created. There are a lot of preparations for the dyeing process, and the same actions need to be repeated for a long time. Before the cover dyeing, the picture below shows the cover dyeing masters using the "hand cover" "hand cover brush" method to neatly press the pattern on the cloth. The distance between the totems is a major point, and each time the mastery of the strength of the cover also requires a long time and a lot of practice to advance to the teacher. And with the different lifestyles, smart Indians also learn to put the cover dyeing process into all kinds of daily necessities, including handkerchiefs, universal towels, placemats, etc., which we need daily. This eye-catching handkerchief is a series of cover dyed fabrics launched in cooperation with designers from Jaipur, India. Not only is the eye-catching design very eye-catching, it is soft and comfortable to the touch, suitable for accompany you every time you go out. The itinerary! Look at other cover dyed cloth series products-"Peacock Pattern Wall Cloth/ Tapestry"


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