14KGF Freshwater Pearl × Orange Moonstone Natural Stone Earrings

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Coral orange moonstone reflects the luster of silver and white shells, with off-white warm pearls.


14KGF Freshwater Pearl × Orange Moonstone Natural Stone Earrings


The coral-colored orange moonstone reflects the luster of silver and white shells, coupled with off-white mellow pearls. There is no bright color, but it is gentle and gentle into its own temperament. Each natural stone is different, some have a strong silvery white luster and some have a thick golden sand. They are made randomly, and there are special requirements for which you can make a wish XD. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48831551298_2f6e0d1022_c.jpg Same series Long earrings: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/4EFgwqfW Necklace: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/GTED9qv7 __size__ Total length: 2cm Pearl: 0.33cm Orange Moonstone: 0.7 ~ 0.8cm __Use material__ Natural stone: freshwater pearl, orange moonstone Metal: Full 14KGF Custom style of ear clip: (Top) 14KGF U-shaped Ear Clip (Bottom) 14K Gold Plated Spiral Ear Clip https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49142240053_b3b4c0e285_c.jpg __14KGF metal__ 14KGF is the abbreviation of 14K Gold-Filled, Chinese is 14K gold-injected / injected gold, that is, under high temperature and pressure, 14K gold is forged to the outer layer of the metal tire embryo to make it permanently bonded. ◆ 14KGF products imported from the United States are usually printed with the words "1/20 14K GF" (other than gold thread / chain, faceted metal) This means that the content of the 14K gold clad layer is at least 1/20 (5%) of the total weight. ◆ 14KGF is not easy to be allergic, has high abrasion resistance, good color retention, K gold texture is delicate and touching. Very popular metal material in Japanese handmade jewelry. __Maintenance instructions__ ◆ Wipe gently with a soft cloth (glass cloth, etc.) after each removal. Do not use abrasive metal cleaning products. ◆ Put into a chain bag during storage to avoid contact with air. Antioxidant paper is attached to each product to strengthen the prevention of metal oxidation. Please put it in the chain bag with the jewelry. ◆ If you are sweaty in summer or come into contact with chemicals such as cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, etc., you can directly clean it with water and air dry before storing. (Gold-plated ear clips, turquoise, pearl, opal and other materials that are not suitable for contact with water, do not use this method to clean.) ◆ Do not wear jewelry when swimming or bathing, avoid contact with chemicals, and avoid damage caused by accidental pulling or collision. ◆ The rate of metal oxidation is related to constitution, habits and storage environment. If it becomes dark or dull, it can be diluted with neutral detergent and water and then gently brushed or wiped with a silver cloth to restore the metallic luster. __Precautions__ ◆ Each natural stone has a different color, texture, size, and may appear natural cotton cracks, black spots, inclusions, or slight flaws in the hole. ◆ Hand-made, it is inevitable that there will be traces of hand-made, and will be shipped in the best condition. Marked size may differ slightly from actual size. ◆ Because of the camera angle, light, computer color and personal perception, there will be some color difference. Please follow the actual products. ◆ Most people do not have an allergic reaction to 14KGF. Their constitution varies from person to person. Please consider your own condition. __package__ ◆ The products are packed in gift boxes, please note if you need to repack. ◆ The contents are individually packaged in zippered bags with a sheet of anti-oxidation paper for convenient storage and enhanced color retention. __After sales service__ ◆ Provide maintenance service, details can be emailed to discuss. Thank you for your interest in this stone and stone, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)


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