Money can make ghost massage-White-Unisex University T

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Money can make ghost massage-White-Unisex University T


[About the artist] Infection Composed of Oops and Paisia, Oops Taipei people / love animals / cat slaves / a little paranoid / slow fever / like toys / pepper life / rationally stop Paisia from buying toys randomly; Paisia Taichung people / love animals / cat slaves / like things about anatomy / Like the market / collect toys, old things / chocolate fans / lazy / choice of choice, the difference is 8 years old Oops is older. [About ViewFinder] Find a T-shirt with the same self-awareness ViewFinder = Viewfinder of the camera Through the viewing window, the vision becomes more focused, and you can see the good things that are really worth noting. Believe that if there is something that can keep you going, that thing must be very meaningful; whether it is artistic creation, independent music, cultural environment, and social issues, we should pay attention to caring, in fact, there are many, embrace these concepts, Thoughts and conflicts make people who have never met meet. We want to be a beginning. From a picture and a T-shirt, we see a story, an opinion, a manifestation of will, and the artist's continuous focus on enthusiasm. We strive to give more value to the T-shirt and let ViewFinder is slightly different from T-shirts on the market. 【Product Information】 The long-sleeved university T-shirt is made of 50% American cotton + 50% polyester fiber fabric. The inside is made of dense and comfortable bristle material. The pre-shrinkage treatment can reduce the shrinkage rate after washing. Under normal washing and wearing, the neckline, cuffs and body No deformation and no pilling. The image is printed by digital inkjet, and the environmentally friendly ink is used in an all-round way. Due to the increase in color fastness, the treatment agent is weakly acidic. If some slight taste is normal, it can be eliminated by washing in water or placing it in a ventilated place for one day. ViewFinder T-shirts are custom-made, after detailed quality inspection and packaging, 5-14 working days (excluding six days) of shipment, some products are in stock, they will be marked in the product specifications, 2 days for stock products (Excluding six days) Shipment; if a single order contains both custom and spot goods, it will be shipped uniformly when the custom goods arrive. 【Size, Specification, Size】 ► Neutral version Adult-Straight waistless version (unit: cm) XS: shoulder width 44 / chest width 46 / length 61 / sleeve length 56 / recommended weight 50kg or less S: shoulder width 46 / chest width 49 / dress length 64 / sleeve length 57 / recommended weight 50-60kg M: shoulder width 48 / chest width 51 / length 66 / sleeve length 59 / recommended weight 60-70kg L: shoulder width 50 / chest width 54 / dress length 69 / sleeve length 61 / recommended weight 70-80kg XL: shoulder width 53 / chest width 59 / dress length 71 / sleeve length 62 / recommended weight 80-90kg 2XL: shoulder width 58 / chest width 62 / dress length 74 / sleeve length 64 / recommended weight 90kg or more The neutral version is a waistless version. Due to the elasticity of the fabric, the error value is within the normal range of plus or minus 2cm, which is not a flaw. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Design & Printing / Customizable


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