Customized Pet Ink Painting Edition | Custom Illustration Gift Ink Pet Portrait Gold Inlay

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[Customized hand-drawn portrait] ⭐️ Broken hundreds of sales in physical stores, the first choice for holiday gifts! ✔ Sketch watercolor ink Q version is available ✔ Hand-painted composition to make eternity fade into eternity ✔ Special ink sketches are un


Customized Pet Ink Painting Edition | Custom Illustration Gift Ink Pet Portrait Gold Inlay


**[Single custom portrait / pet watercolor]** **Roro is good at using a variety of media to give portraits special hand-painted styles. Provide photos to customize any portrait. Sketch watercolor ink Q version is available. All styles can be customized to match all the frames in the store, creating the most unique eternal memorial !!** >>> And supports "additional purchase of hand-painted synthesis"! * On the increase of complexity about 50-200 Discolored old photos, or single photos combined into multiple people, because they may not have the opportunity to take photos in their lifetime, or no photos for a long time, Only one old yellow photo Or do you want to put on a beautiful dress for my dear, a cute scarf for the hair child, and take photos with the stars ... I can synthesize hand-painted images for you, making beauty into eternity. Hundreds of custom paintings have been created, Hope to bring happiness and touch to everyone with art! **Customization process** ► Please make sure the style is yours ► Please contact me to inquire about the order: -Usually 5-7 days production without shipping time -Urgent shipments + 300 $ will be delivered within 2-3 working days from the next day (Taiwan limited) -Please inform us of overseas orders ► Inform: -Number of people (including animals) -Text content -Are there any additional purchase items (composite / background) ► After confirming the price is OK, teach you to place an order ► Confirm that payment is complete and start making photos ► Please note that there is no cancellation and refund once the customized product is placed ► Please be aware that our painter does not provide first-view works and modification services, only to receive a beautiful surprise after receiving it! Hundreds of people have received countless positive reviews without first seeing the work, so rest assured! **Product specifications** Custom Freehand Ink Paintings Xuanxuan x Pearlescent Gold Inlay ❤️ Free 3m special stickers hanging glue ⭐️ Gold inlays -Manual support -Golden edging -Textured pearl gold -Thickened hard card -Fine rice paper -No fading special dripping ink -Size: 27 * 24cm -Hard card pendant is about one coin thick, not easy to fold and easy to save **Custom specifications** ► All prices in the store are for private use If you need to open, print, logo, design application, website use, etc., all need to quote separately If after purchasing the private use price, you find any commercial use or publicity stated by appeal There will be legal issues, and we hope to respect each other. thank! ► The shipping time of free shipping products is according to the official. If it is urgent delivery, be sure to choose express delivery. ► The creator retains intellectual property rights and use rights. Please inform us if you have special needs ► My style is special illustration style, not super realistic style, please do not order this product if you need it ► Customized products cannot be temporarily cancelled and returned and exchanged and refunded after receipt ► Once ordered, it is deemed to agree with the above specifications


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