【AFU】Cat scratcher-long

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★Made in MIT Taiwan, TAIWAN NO.1~


【AFU】Cat scratcher-long


Name] Cat scratching board 【Price】$79/piece [Commodity specifications] About 40x15x3 cm, each batch of paper will have an error of ±0.5 cm due to thermal expansion and contraction. 【Material】Paper 【product description】 ★AFU cat scratch plates can be placed everywhere in the house to prevent furniture from being scratched~ ★You can also plug in a funny cat stick! Cats love it so much~ ★5 layers of cardboard boxes for export, super hard, made of hard cardboard, 100% recyclable~ ★Made in MIT Taiwan, TAIWAN NO.1~ Self-developed, designed and manufactured patented products [Precautions] Keep away from fire [Buyer's attention] ★AFU cat scratcher is a consumable, it will wear out due to claw grinding. ★AFU cat scratching board is sold and opened for use, without maintaining the integrity of the product (including gifts), and cannot accept returns or exchanges. ※Counterfeiting of patented products must be investigated [Cat’s claw grinding problem] Grinding claws is the nature of cats. Grinding claws freely will make them happy. You can stand by and study the posture of cats grinding claws. Observe carefully. Each cat has a different expression when grinding claws! But if you are afraid that your cat’s paws are too sharp to scratch people or wear out furniture, you can buy cat-specific toenail scissors at a pet supply store, and regularly help cats repair their paws But be careful, don’t cut too deep when you help cats claws. You can only cut the sharp ends of the nails. If you cut too deeply, the cat’s claws will be injured. In case you accidentally cut your cat’s paws and hurt it, don’t panic when you see bleeding. First, press hard on the roots of your toes, and then use cotton or toilet paper to stop the bleeding. Do not relax. You can stop the bleeding in about five to ten minutes. If it doesn't stop, the cat may have blood clotting problems, so seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some people have given cats a claw removal operation because of the cat's claw grinding problem. The claw removal operation involves cutting off the first segment of the finger and completely removing the cells of the long nail. Since cats don’t understand the sin of the nature of grinding claws given to them by the heavens, the cats who have been subjected to claw removal surgery will still perform claw grinding actions, because that is the driving effect of natural instinct. What is the reason why cats love to grind their claws? It can be said that cat grinding claws is an instinct inherited from its ancestors. Grinding claws is a cat's habit, so it is impossible to stop it. For a little cat, the claws are its most powerful weapon, so the aging keratin must be worn away from time to time to make it extremely sharp. In addition, grinding claws is also to show their power and increase the smell. Grinding claws to defend the homeland 1. Many cats think that they are the owners of this home, so defending their homes has become their bounden duty. If cats often grind their claws near the door, it may mean that they think potential "intruders" will come in from here. 2. In addition, grinding claws is also to show their power and increase the smell. There are odor glands on the front feet of cats, so it sharpens its claws to make the feet smell. It can be said that cat grinding claws is an instinct inherited from its ancestors Another reason for cats to grind their paws First: Grinding claws can speed up the loss of old nails and the growth of new nails. Second: There are sweat glands in the nails of cats, which can emit their own unique taste. As animals with a strong sense of domain, they keep the taste in their own territory by grinding their claws.


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