English alphabet scented brick dry flower

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Customized English letters, special days, special gifts for his special!


English alphabet scented brick dry flower


https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4312/36309633265_6eb41ae7d8_z.jpg | Love の letters | For special days, order a special gift for him! Condensate the flowers and aromas and seal up the memories. Essential oils are concentrated in plants and are nourished by the sun and water of the earth. Pure essential oils, without the rough pungent smell to bother you. *95 yuan is the price of each single letter, if you want to order LOVE it is 95*4 = 380 yuan. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4296/36175053541_cc74936af8_z.jpg *This is not a handmade soap or a candle. It is a diffused brick made of beeswax. * Each letter will be inlaid with dry flowers, but because the wax is solidified after white, the dried flowers will have a looming effect. *The letters are case-sensitive. Please specify clearly when ordering. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4328/36309632135_d67c3a4370_z.jpg * Also have love and & https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4321/36175053231_561fcf4898_z.jpg * Provide single letter, or single word gift box packaging https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4314/36309632185_947aa73701_z.jpg *The product will be different in color due to the color of the essential oil. The citrus tone is yellowish, and the floral and forest notes are white. * Some letters cannot stand individually. This is a custom product and will not be returned after the order is placed. *Size: Each letter is about 5 cm high and 3 cm thick. 港 Hong Kong and Macao area shipped with SF Express. Citrus tone Simple and familiar, the scent of citrus is fresh and harmonious, so that the refreshing taste of the mood is immediately pleasing, and the troubles in the brain are removed. Floral tone Clean and clear, sweet and gentle taste, is human imagination of the aroma. The fragrance of flowers is like the sweet spring in memory. Forest tone A fresh and firm aroma is like walking in the woods. Two different pine trees give a feeling of openness, plus a little bit of rosewood's sweetness and freshness. Ingredients: natural essential oil, beeswax, dry flowers Use period: 3-6 months Precautions: 1. Wori scented bricks use pure natural plant essential oils with a concentration of 15% or more. They are suitable for hanging in small spaces such as wardrobes, bathrooms or bedsides. Because the ingredients are natural, the fragrance will fade over time, and the surface wax can be scraped off with a blade on the back. If it has not been used for a while, it is recommended to store it in a sealed bag. Everyone has different sensitivities to the scent, so don't mind buying cockroaches. 2. The beeswax will melt at temperatures exceeding 60 degrees. Do not place it on the car. 3, due to hand-made, each piece of color will be slightly different, if the wax has a white phenomenon is normal. Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan