Larger Size Order・Pink Peerless Youth Chapter・Sweet Pink Preserved Rose and Cotton Bouquet

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Stepping on the pink red carpet, the bright chapter of youth, and flowers, blooming quietly *Large size version: height 35cm x width 28cm x side thickness 20cm *Increase the size proportionally, the main flower selection remains unchanged, and some auxiliary flowers increase the amount *Can purchase more special color immortal roses


Larger Size Order・Pink Peerless Youth Chapter・Sweet Pink Preserved Rose and Cotton Bouquet


dear miss you can hear? ____________ ・Flowers (dry flowers) Light pink immortal roses, white cotton, white gypsophila, pink gypsophila, Sola rose (can be added as a fragrance flower), white rabbit tail, peach-colored parsnip, white button chrysanthemum, nude pink Hydrangea ・Product size and content The picture is the original size ( ) This order area is "enlarged version production", which can be enlarged in proportion to the original size, the main flower selection remains unchanged, and some auxiliary flower materials are increased. Flower length itself: height 30cm x width 20cm x side thickness 15cm Flower length with packaging: height 35cm x width 28cm x side thickness 20cm *The flower material itself is simply packaged in pink wrapping paper, which is very suitable for gifts or decorations! *The product itself will be packaged in gift boxes and ribbons, and a flower card will be given randomly ------------------------------ ・About additional purchase of eternal flowers Provide the original design (cotton x2, solar rose, immortal hydrangea) to purchase additional picture six immortal naked pink immortal flowers (without vase), please select "option two" Preserved flower size: flower surface is 4cm, height is 4cm ・About customized service Currently this model can be customized, *If it is a small adjustment 1-2 times or the original design material is changed, you can choose the additional basic custom fee of option 3 *If the number of discussions over the basic custom fee is more than 2 times, an additional purchase of $100 is required for one modification, and an additional order will be opened for the final total statistics! *If there is more need to change the size, or add flowers, you can discuss and open another order! We will quote you again according to your needs, welcome to write to us! ! ------------------------------ ·product maintenance 1. Avoid placing it in humid and direct sunlight. 2. Immortal roses use special flower material preservation technology to maintain the softness and color of real flowers. The preservation time is longer than ordinary dry flowers. It can be placed for more than two years to several years! But after buying, you still have to take care of them! 3. Some of the flowers are dried flowers because they are natural air-dried flowers. It is normal for the color to fade gradually. It can be kept in good condition for about 2-3 years. You can use a soft brush to gently wipe the dust. ·Purchase Notes *Eternal life flowers are preserved by fresh flowers through the maintenance liquid, but because of the natural texture of the flower and some natural cracks, it is acceptable to place an order again! But the designer will choose a higher quality immortal flower for you *Because the shape of each flower is different, the designer will moderately adjust the configuration or match the flower materials of the same value! You can accept and place an order again! 1. It is made with seasonal flowers, and the photos will be affected by the light and other camera environment and angles. If you can accept a slight color drop and moderate adjustment of the flowers before buying, you can buy it. 2. It will only be produced after receiving the order payment, and it will take 3-7 working days to make the flowers and purchase materials before purchasing. 3. Due to the size restrictions for the delivery of the larger version and 7-11, the larger version is only available for delivery by the post office! Excuse me ・Pickup instructions For the latest issues, please read the designer's announcement: 1. If there are special requirements for sending, for example, the pick-up time can be notified in advance. 2. Before submitting the order, please reconfirm whether the order freight and quantity are correct! 3. For international orders, you can inquire about shipping related matters first. Origin/manufacturing method Made in Taiwan handmade


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