| Plus back card | Mobile phone case x Replaceable back card / Spot for iPhone air pressure shell

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This store spot is suitable for iPhone 5 se / i6s / i6plus / i7 / i7plus / i8 / i8plus iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max / XR... Other brand mobile phone models, accept pre-order, welcome to private inquiry


| Plus back card | Mobile phone case x Replaceable back card / Spot for iPhone air pressure shell


**High-value mobile phone case x replaceable transparent back card** ■ This product is purchased separately for the pattern back card → "No phone case attached" "No phone case attached" "There is no mobile phone case" It is very important, so I have to say three times XD. Most of the common air pressure shells on the market are suitable (except for special material styles) ■ The back card is suitable for most air pressure shells. There are hundreds of mobile phone cases on the market. It is not guaranteed to be applicable. It is recommended to use the whole group in the store for the first time (empty shell + back card) if the material or size of the phone case itself The version problem causes the back card not to match, and does not accept the return - please forgive me ■ The healing effect of this product does not affect the normal use of the mobile phone. ■ The mobile phone case adopts TPU anti-drop transparent air pressure shell 📲 The back card can be used to refer to the following real shot video demonstration 5 times enhanced protection cushion x 26 times drop test, 48 inch height drop test, fully covered protection phone 👍 ■ Please leave a message note card number when ordering (if it is not available, it will be shipped randomly) https://youtu.be/1tjBOql6JjU ✨ Special transparent bright film thin card x mobile phone back card 100% Taiwan original thick design [Paper-free] Avoid the residual glue damage to the fuselage, the back card is directly placed in the phone case, the size is just stuck in the shell, it will not fall out! [Long-lasting] Bright film thin card material, to avoid long-term use of color or wear, dirty and washable, the pattern will not fade! [Alternative] The transparent back card can be used repeatedly, and there are different superimposed effects when you put 2 sheets at a time. 🛒 Please buy me back card store, please click here → https://www.pinkoi.com/product/b6zQL4HZ ---------------------------------------- ■ Add word design + handwritten ink cursive font Add temperature text to the phone case, pick the favorite pattern, choose the phone model to add to the shopping cart, and add the "handwriting and word design" to the store to add the text to the shopping cart. Can be 啰 (recommended Chinese characters are about 10 words / English letters or Japanese and Korean are difficult to calculate, the number of words is more than the full content of the words you want to add, private message to the designer!) 🛒 Please add me to the design store! → https://www.pinkoi.com/product/xbYYVCeW ---------------------------------------- ▽ This store is suitable for ▽ iPhone 5 se / i6s / i6plus / i7 / i7plus / i8 / i8plus iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max / XR... Other brand mobile phone models → Samsung / HTC / ASUS / SONY / Huawei / oppo... Welcome to the private message, can be pre-ordered, no spot style added about 7~14 working days For custom inquiry, please leave a message "Mobile phone model + color" for your free evaluation. Why fill in the color of the phone ^_^ ??? As a post-production shipping arrangement (you can request a mobile phone shell schematic to preview the design layout first) ----------------------------------------- 请 Please see me before buying 1 The designer is very tortoise. When you ship it, you will find it. If the stock is out of stock, it will be delayed for a few days. If you want to receive the date or rush to give gifts, please let us know in advance! 2 The color of the mobile phone/computer screen and the actual product will be slightly dichromatic, and the photo has been as close as possible to the actual product. 3 100% manual film cutting to make no mechanical defoaming, if there are small micro bubbles, it will not affect the use 4 If the mobile phone used has a full-film envelope or a glass protector that is too thick, it may affect the degree of service of the back-card into the phone case. Actually, you can provide a photo of the phone for your evaluation. Please consider it first. Order, this non-restricted range does not accept returns 5 Our products are ordered by order, manual process and labor, perfectionists please consider, avoid receiving the feeling that it does not match the expectations, non-serious defects (such as the wrong model or more than 1cm stains) will not accept the return, please read first The above explanation, after the subscript is considered as consent, thank you~ 6 Ordering Please follow the "color of the back of the phone" to make a choice! As a designer's rear mobile phone case 😉


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