A009-Silver bracelet

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*This product can be customized in size, please inform us of the required size after placing the order


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A009-Silver bracelet


|Material, size| . 925 sterling silver https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50981316308_5358dcd616_c.jpg |Production and Delivery| . The goods are handmade. The production and delivery will start after the order payment is completed. The production time will take about 7 working days (not including the delivery time). Please be patient and wait for the happy moment of receiving the goods~ (If urgent, please contact us in advance) |Packing| . All the products you ordered will be placed in one carton. If you need to pack separately, please indicate in the remarks column when placing the order |Notes| . The shape, texture and size of natural stones are different from each other, and some may contain impurities or small cracks, etc. The actual size of the production will also be slightly different, which cannot be exactly the same as the product in the picture. . The color of the product is different due to the computer, there will be a slight difference between the actual product and the photo . For customers with sensitive skin and allergies, please consider the purchase by yourself, as each person’s allergy status is different and cannot be measured. After the goods are sold, they cannot be returned or exchanged due to allergies. . If you need to modify the size after receiving the product, you need to pay the return postage . Every product is handmade after the order is placed and the payment is made. After the sale, no return or exchange is provided except for the defect of the product. . Without affecting the overall beauty and function, the designer reserves the right to modify partial materials and practices |Basic Maintenance| . Pure copper and silver materials will be oxidized due to time and wearing, and the color after oxidation will become dull. After wearing the accessories, please wipe it with a dry cloth and put it in a sealed bag to slow down oxidation . When not wearing, it can be stored in a sealed bag to prevent nourishment . If the 925 sterling silver material is oxidized and faded, you can wipe it with a silver cloth. If the pure copper material is oxidized, you can wipe it with copper oil. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50982090407_01016ceed9_b.jpg 【Brand Concept】 What a wonderful thing to be able to see~ See the blue sky, see the white clouds, see the small flowers, see the big trees, see the colors, see the four seasons, see the changes... See the beautiful world, see the beautiful self. There are joys and sorrows in life, bitterness and sweetness, Thanks for the happy and smooth days, Accept and forgive the failed and unhappy self, Tasted the pain, tasted the happiness, Experience all kinds of ups and downs, Believe that we can still see the beauty in life. Look at yourself, others, and the big and small things happening around you with beautiful eyes. Thank you so much, we can see~ In the vast crowd, we can see each other and meet each other, it is the chance of fate. Although we are not the same, we all love beauty and sharing. Every thing that happens in life, every person we meet, every time we compete and compromise with ourselves, is a series of stories about our lives~ 【creation】 [String]'s creative style is both classic and modern, with contemporary simplicity and classic delicateness in the works. Using sterling silver, copper and natural stone as the basic materials, the combination of different elements and materials collide to create a piece of work with warmth, sometimes gentle, sometimes funny, sometimes elegant, sometimes individual... Each piece will also be connected with the person wearing it, composing another beautiful story~


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