Fun heart travel tea soap 25G x 4 into the fun heart soap box (light travel series)

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Once you have 4 flavors, fun heart travel soap will accompany you to enjoy the closeness of nature!


Fun heart travel tea soap 25G x 4 into the fun heart soap box (light travel series)


Moon net ruby Create an irreplaceable and individual fragrance, giving a vivid impression of humanity. It contains sandalwood, jasmine and lavender, and it is elegant and full of flavor.邂逅月净, wash every soft skin on the body, elegant and charming, leaving the exclusive scent of the fragrance. Green Jade Town Hongyu Fresh and refreshing is the first feeling given to this person. Basil, tea tree, wormwood and other fragrant plants, brewing a layer of nostalgic fragrance, people can not help but repeatedly sniff, looking for pure, clean and leave a simple aftertaste A soap with a story that can condense the flow of time, making people feel completely touched. Citron red jade Extracting orange blossom, jasmine, bergamot, and collecting the floral fragrances of the four seasons, giving this soap a pleasant and light soul, exudes a sweet and sweet fragrance. Daily washing and companionship, as if a flower is stretching in the nose, the fragrance is warm and charming. This time, I used aroma to wake up memories and love, and fall in love with myself in the most beautiful years. Mandala ruby With rose geranium, Turkish rose, lavender and other flowers as the foundation, the intertwined and fragrant frankincense creates a romantic warm heart fragrance, like walking in the summer night floral path, being warmed by the lover, listening to lovers, a temperature Soap, suitable for the softest cockroaches, only because it is worthy of the world's favorite. Attentively, not only in the raw materials, but also in the small details of each soap, with eight guarantees, give you the most natural good soap! . Top oil: contains more than seven kinds of natural oil, which is full of moisturizing . Low-temperature soap: adhere to the whole process of 45 degrees C to make soap, retain nourishing ingredients . Natural Tea Soup: Select Sun Moon Lake Ruby Fresh Tea Soup, fresh into soap, mild to wash . Nutritional moisturizing: up to 80% of good skin oil, give you top maintenance . Professional inspection: no pesticides, no heavy metals, no harmful bacteria after passing the SGS test . Cherish the earth: insist on not using animal fats, not experimenting with animals, environmentally loving the earth . Featured Complex: Each soap contains seven good oils and multiple extracts . Individual packaging: match the climate of Taiwan Island, so that every soap can be perfectly preserved Adhere to the low-temperature soap, retain the maintenance ingredients of natural oils and extracts, to give the skin the most complete protection! . Aussie Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Pure Western Australian Manor for 40 years): Contains fatty acids that are good for the skin, soothes dryness and moisturizes the skin. . Sweet almond oil: soft skin, good moisturizing effect, producing long-lasting and delicate foam . Shea butter: It is called gold oil and can effectively lock water, conditioning, softening and moisturizing skin. Capacity: 25 G x 4 Place of Origin: Taiwan


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