Purple Potato Cheese Tower 6吋

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600g x 1
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Autumn and winter are the sweetest seasons of purple heart sweet potato. In the season of the season, you can taste fresh seasonal ingredients. This cool autumn and winter is a beautiful prelude.


Purple Potato Cheese Tower 6吋


☛About purple potato cheese tower Autumn and winter is the sweetest season of purple heart sweet potato. The soft and soft taste and the natural purple dotted autumn and winter. In order to make the layer change rich, the bottom layer is added with purple potato cheese to increase the rich aroma. The sandwich is added to the Earl milk to increase the moistness and taste more. Refreshing, smeared with thin raw cheese, and finally squeezed with sifted purple potato Meng Brown, with pumpkin seeds to add nutty aroma, taste fresh seasonal ingredients in the right season, this cool autumn has therefore launched a beautiful overture . 【Introduction】 ▪️ pumpkin seeds ▪ ️ purple potato Meng Brown ▪ Twin cheese ▪ Earl's milk ▪ ️ purple potato cheese ▪️原塔皮皮 [Strictly selected ingredients] Japanese Flour / Essini Cream / Essini Cream / Japanese White Sugar / Egg / Fresh Milk / Australian Lemnos Cream Cheese / Twinings Earl Grey / Yunlin Water Forest Organic Purple Heart Sweet Potato / Pumpkin Seed 【Product Size】 6 inch size: about 15cm in diameter and about 5cm in height [edible instructions] ▪ 无 There is no preservative added to this product. Please store it in the refrigerator immediately after receiving the product. ▪ ️ Shelf life: 3 days in cold storage and 14 days in freezing. ▪ 冷冻 Freeze storage: It is recommended to put it at room temperature for 40 minutes before serving. ▪️ After thawing, please eat as soon as possible, and the product will be damp and soft, which will affect the taste. ▪️ This product contains dairy products, nuts, gluten-containing cereals, eggs and other products. It is not suitable for people with allergies. [Home delivery method and time] ▪ ️ We use 7-11 black cat low temperature home (freezer, cold storage). ▪Please indicate the time of receipt (13:00 before / 13:00~18:00/ not specified) when ordering. ▪ 调整 Adjust the service time for the black cat's home delivery,**delivery date of the product is changed to Tuesday to Saturday**. [Home delivery risk size] ▪ Transportation is delivered to a third party and there is a certain risk in the delivery process. ▪ Whenever you want to enjoy the product,**Open the review cake status**immediately after receiving the item. ▪ Every product is carefully packed and buffer layer is added. The transportation process may cause defects due to the shaking of the car body and the collision of the package. [The cake is slightly displaced, the front is slightly damaged, the side is damaged, the decoration is dropped, and no damage is paid to the black cat. Within the scope]. ▪ If the product is seriously damaged (such as a cake, a mountain collapse, and it is difficult to distinguish the original appearance), please take a photo immediately (the cake needs to be in the box) and contact us as soon as possible. ▪ Do not throw or eat the cake before the damaged product is processed, and keep the state of the receipt completely, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes when communicating with the black cat. ▪️Products are handmade by the same kind of heart, and we hope to be delivered to the guests perfectly. We can’t feel bad when we see the damaged cake. Follow-up matters. ☛『Please read the above home insurance risk description, and accept the order again, thank you. 』 [Return Policy] The products of this museum are based on the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law as food commodities, so the seven-day hesitation period is not applicable and will not be returned. Please forgive me. * In order to respond to environmental protection, love the earth, no forks and plates are provided. *If there is a special holiday, ex: birthday, wedding, moon, Christmas, etc., please note when ordering, will provide free card decoration


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