Double organic cotton glass straw set / dark blue green / can be fully cleaned

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This item includes: storage bag x1 + glass thick straw x1 + glass thin straw x1 + nylon brush straw brush x1. Simple monochrome, you can purchase the English alphabet embroidery service (each English letter NTD 40. Due to the limited space on the cover, it


Double organic cotton glass straw set / dark blue green / can be fully cleaned


This item includes: storage bag x1 + glass thick straw x1 + glass thin straw x1 + nylon brush straw brush x1. If you often drink a hand-cranked beverage, consider adding a button knife that "snaps" the film below: Third generation straw storage bag, We added a 1 cm reflex to the bottom of the storage bag. Let the straw not fall out from the bottom, so you can use it with peace of mind. Ps Thanks to buyers julypurple0719 and vickylee0701 for giving us valuable time to give back to us to use our experience and let us have a chance to get better! Pps free repair service announcement: Buyers who have purchased first or second generation straw bags, If you find that the straw has fallen out of the bag, please let us know. We will send you the return shipping fee (mail or super store to the store), and then you will be asked to return the straw bag to us for repair. After the modification is completed, we will send the straw bag to you. -------------------------------------------------- ---------- The duo storage bag is made of organic cotton canvas from Birch Fabrics of the United States. It is a softer canvas. It is simple and monochromatic. It can be purchased with English letters and embroidery service (NTD 40 per English letter. It is recommended to embroider English words due to limited space on the cover. 1 word). Embroidery word plus purchase link (if you want to change to a normal character, the note can be placed on the order): Grass - -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Glass straw storage bag, double model: This style can accommodate 2 glass straws + 1 straw brush. The sandwich is designed so that the glass pipette does not collide even if it is placed in the same storage bag. The open oblique collar design allows easy removal of the upper or lower suction tube. The opening of the straw bag is above, The straw can be pushed out by simply pressing it under the straw bag. Then take the upper end of the straw and take it out. The hand will not be in contact with the straw soaked in the beverage, you can keep the straw clean and feel more comfortable when drinking! A straw storage bag for two people. Just take a storage bag and you can easily go out~ Double glass straw storage bag, Continued the concept of easy cleaning, Just unpack the back, side, top, and three buttons. The whole piece can be spread and washed, and there is no dead angle when cleaning, and the use is more assured. --------------------------------------- Glass pipette and nylon brush pipe brush, purchased from the "QC Pavilion". The glass pipette passed the SGS test in 2017 (temperature detection, lead and cadmium detection). For the SGS test report statement, please see the official website of QC Pavilion. Due to the majority of wool currently on the market, it is not easy to determine whether it is humane and harvested. So we chose nylon bristles. In order to avoid doubts, glass straws and straw brushes will be shipped in the original packaging of the QC Pavilion. Organic cotton straw storage bag will be packed separately. After receiving the goods, please disassemble the respective packaging, follow the instructions for use, and then start using! Quantou "QC Pavilion" glass straw and nylon straw brush specifications: *High boron bismuth glass C straight straw: length 22cm, diameter - outer diameter 10mm, inner diameter 7mm (this diameter is suitable for general drinks, not suitable for drinking pearls) *High borax glass thick Q straight straw: length 22cm, diameter - outer diameter 14mm, inner diameter 11mm (tube diameter error value is about 5%. This diameter is suitable for drinking large pearls) *Nylon brush: length 24cm ---------------------------------------------- After knowing that traditional methods of growing cotton require many pesticides, We hope to use organic cotton as much as possible in future products. Storage bag for glass straws, Because of the direct contact with the utensils, we feel that the use of pure organic cotton cloth is ideal. In addition to the peace of mind in use, we feel that organic cotton may be more important, It is more friendly to the producers of the land and cotton (farmers who grow organic cotton do not have to be exposed to pesticides). Organic cotton cloth for this style: <Table cloth> - American brand Birch 100% organic cotton cloth, this brand of cotton production, weaving, printing locations are all in India. This brand fabric is certified by GOTS Organic Cotton and uses low impact dyes. *Low-impact dyes: Do not use toxic chemicals or toxic mordants. These dyes require less rinsing (generating less wastewater) and higher absorption rates (less dyes are lost). Purchased from Etsy store tmeador, name: Birch Fabrics Organic Cotton CANVAS Solid Pool (original for lake color, we call it dark blue green) <Libu> - Organic cotton willow woven fabric originally used in Taiwan brand blue sky. However, due to the shortage of goods in the blue sky, from 2018.9.6, the organic cotton flat weave willow cloth with similar thickness and Taiwan brand greening will be used. *The sewing thread and hand stitching of the current straw bag, We have used Scanfil organic cotton thread! -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- Washing small cockroaches: 1. Untie the three buttons on the back, side and top of the straw bag. The straw bag can be spread out. 2. Find a large container (eg: rice bowl), prepare the food detergent 3. Put some water in the rice bowl, put it into the straw bag that is spread out, drip some detergent, add some water, and mix well. 4. Soak for 15 minutes 5. Drain the water from the rice bowl 6. Rinse the straw bag with water and rinse off to remove any residual detergent. 7. Wring the straw bag 8. Find a suitable place to dry the straw bag (You can buckle the top button and have a circle that can be hung on the existing hook to dry) 9. You can use the straw bag to go out and use it! Ps Please wash before the first use~ If you would like to purchase an organic cotton storage bag separately, please go to the following link: Product size: about 25 cm (height) x 4.5 cm (width) when folded in a bag shape Product material: organic cotton cloth, coconut shell buckle, stainless steel buckle Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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