[Maya Tara] 14KGF Light Jewelry Series Red Spinel Bracelet

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14kgf Light Jewelry Series Red Spinel Spinel Bracelet


[Maya Tara] 14KGF Light Jewelry Series Red Spinel Bracelet


When it comes to rubies, sapphires, etc., no one knows no one,
But when it comes to spinel, there are still many people who don't know.
Spinel is a very interesting gem, blue spinel like sapphire,
The red spinel is like a ruby.
The spinel that is symbiotic with ruby is colorful.
It has high hardness (8 Mohs hardness) and good toughness.
It has good chemical stability and does not require deliberate maintenance. It is very suitable for daily wear.
In addition, due to its high hardness,
Therefore, cutting and grinding the facets will show a very dazzling luster!
Pure red is the most precious gemstone variety in spinel.
The better the color, the higher the clarity, of course, the more precious,
Red spinel is often confused because it is very similar to ruby in appearance.

Like diamonds, the regular octahedral spinel is becoming more and more popular. It is said to update the body's energy and help people get through the difficulties and rejuvenate.

Natural spinel Spinel is about 3mm up and down
Natural Freshwater Rice Pearl Tiny Pearl
All 14KGF
The total length is about 18cm

Shipment will use simple packaging and environmentally friendly materials. If you have special needs, please note separately. Thank you~

[Place of Origin / Manufacturing]
Taiwan / Maya Tara handmade

The inner metropolis of natural gemstones has natural characteristics of ice cracks & clouds. Strong collision is a smash that may cause fragmentation~
◆ 100% natural real shot, the level is shown, the photo of the gem may be different due to the environment, angle or computer environment, all subject to the real thing, if you can not agree with the purchase, please think twice.

14K GF Introduction
1/20 14K GF (Gold-Filled) [Note Gold] or [Package Gold] 1/20 represents 5% of the total weight of gold, different from plating.
14K GF means 14K forging gold, that is, under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, 14K gold is forged on metal tire by mechanical pressing. Forging gold surface has strong hardness, high wear resistance, not easy to fall off and lose gold texture, than gold plating (Gold -Plated) is more durable. It is the most popular in the United States and is classified as valuable material. 14K gold is not pure gold. Simply put, it is made up of gold and copper. It contains 1/20 of gold and will not fade. Because it is gold inside and outside, it has not been plated.
The US FTC stipulates that the amount of metal in a 14K Gold Filled product must be at least 1/20 (5%) of the total weight of the product. Therefore, the words [1/20 14K GF] are usually printed on 14K gold-plated products, but some Accessories will not be printed due to appearance considerations, such as: beads, gold wire, etc.
14K GF jewelry can be worn when bathing, it can be regarded as a kind of cleaning, but if there are gems on it, it is recommended to take it off. 1414K gold is easier to maintain than sterling silver. If it is a little discolored, you can gently add some toothpaste with warm water. Brush it, dry it and put it in the zipper bag (must be dry), you can make it color forever.

[Small reminder before ordering]
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请 If you have any other needs, please write to us first.
◈ All products are ordered after the payment is made. No return or exchange service is available. Please choose the size carefully before ordering. If you want to modify the size due to wrong choice, please inform me first, after confirming the goods. It needs to be sent back to the package and bear the cost of return shipping and related materials.
包装 If the goods are damaged, scratched or transported due to non-human factors after the receipt of the goods, the package will be damaged.
If you are incomplete, please notify us by email as soon as possible, we will carry out the product identification or damage identification, and do
Send new products to you quickly.
◈ "Handmade" jewelry size may have slight errors and hand-made traces.
◈ The resolution of each computer may vary slightly.
平均 On average, the waiting time is about 10 working days (excluding holidays).
If you need to receive the goods within a certain period of time, please write to us first.

**Maya Tara**Sincerely thank you for your love and support, I wish you all the best in your heart, good mood~~∠※

Thank you for your purchase, and I hope you like the work~ You are welcome to leave a comment on us. Just leave a review and you will get the coupon for the next order in the design hall. Thank you again, welcome to visit again.


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