Achiever-Notebooks to help you achieve more goals // no aging

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Achiever is an undated notebook. You don't have to wait until the new year to start. You can start at any time! Achiever will also guide you to accomplish your goals with psychologically and scientifically proven methods, successfully defeating delays



Achiever-Notebooks to help you achieve more goals // no aging


Achiever was born on the fundraising platform with the affirmation of 600+ people, and currently accompanies more than 900+ people to complete more goals and dreams! Achiever's inner page has 5 concise main layouts, allowing you to clearly set goals for 5-6 months and record them in monthly and daily layouts. Achiever can be used for 5-6 months depending on the writing speed of the individual. **Version # 1 Achiever Instructions** How to use Achiever effectively to help you understand SMART goal setting method, bullet note method **Version # 2 goal setting:** Start with SMART goal setting in different areas of life! Think about what you want to accomplish in these six months? * SMART = Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic, Time-based **Edition # 3 month action plan:** After setting goals, write down your monthly action plan. After each month, remember to evaluate your progress! **Version # 4 Daily Plan:** Don't forget to record the most important things of the day, to-do list, daily thanks & review In addition to the above main editions, Achiever's inside pages also have 2019/2020 calendars, monthly schedules, and plenty of blank pages! **Real user reviews** "I have been using an Achiever notebook for more than 240 days (entering the second), and I especially like the three most important things today, the daily review, and the daily thanks. These three blocks allow me to focus on my daily focus. Matters, reviewing the details of daily work, and finding out who is worthy of thanks. I really like writing moments of thanks in just a few words. It is really great! " "I have been using Achiever for about 2 months, and my favorite is the" most important thing today "on the daily to-do list. It is the motivation that makes me more progress every day than yesterday. In the past, as long as the things on the to-do list were not completed, I would start to give up. I would spend the next few days in the drama, but now I feel that I am trying to complete one thing at least every day. This is slow. It's great to slowly progress and live my life slowly. " "I have been using Achiever for 1 month, and it ’s become my daily routine to list my to-do items early in the morning. I also list my to-do items early in the morning. I also sort out the order of things to complete, making me more efficient and make appointments Fill in the first thing, and it will not be missed that day. I like the split-type format. Today's most important things, to-do items, daily review, daily thanks and Notes make the record of things clearer. " "My favorite area in Achiever's notebook is to let me know clearly what needs to be done, and when I see one thing done slowly, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment!" **Achiever detailed specifications** Size: A5 (14.8 x 21 cm) Cover: Faux Lambskin Paper quality: 85gsm premium amber paper Number of pages: 224 pages (Pages: Usage Guide x2 Goal Setting x2 Month Plan x6 Month Action Plan x6 Day Plan x153 Blank Page x41) Made in: Taiwan


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