Goody Bag - The owner's heart bag

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Anniversary limited edition Handmade leather zip coin purse Storage bag made of the remaining small area cowhide, practical and environmentally friendly


Goody Bag - The owner's heart bag


Bag size (manual measurement, please allow a gap of 1~2cm) Width: 18.5cm Height: 12cm Hand strap: Some have a tote bag, some do not have a hand strap, the required order is a message note, no notes we randomly send ~ Please note! ! All photos are made in the store for Mingen'Handiwork. Please do not steal it for commercial use. We reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility. * Please be sure to read the purchase instructions before taking the goods. All products are sold, except for quality problems (hardware drop, off-line, leather damage), any subjective reasons for return, you need to pay back and forth postage, please When you refund, consciously reduce the postage sent. product description: The skin comes from the animals and comes to nature to give us. Because I love leather products, but I can't hide this unfriendly behavior, I feel guilty, so I don't waste every inch of leather. It is a little persistence in my own heart. At the same time, I hope that everyone who loves skin will also treat your leather products well and make it last forever. The bags are made from small areas of cowhide that the store has been collecting. Since the bags are made according to the area of the existing cowhide, the size of each bag may be about 1 cm. The bag is not very big, you can only put mobile phones, keys, paper towels, glasses and other small things~ The bag is made with the use of the remaining cowhide, so this bag will have a flaw in the leather surface, which is obvious, affecting the appearance but does not affect the use. Mindful guests should be careful! The leather surface of the bag will be flawed, including creases, scratches, scars, smudges, insect bites, etc. These common problems of cowhide, all affect the appearance, but do not affect the use. There are currently 3 batches of this leather. The color of each batch is dark, thick, and the texture will be slightly different. If you buy 2 or more, you may be able to compare the difference between the bags and the cowhide. There is also a leathery taste of this bag. After receiving the bag, you can put it on the balcony for a few days, and the taste will be slowly screened~ The mushroom that can accept the above problems is purchased. As always, sell this bag with the premise of not wasting and cherishing. I hope that people who like and don't mind have this little bag. [Note] The bag has blue, green, black, brown. When you place an order, please remember to note your favorite color. We will post the message according to your message. If there is no message, it will be sent randomly~ fabric composition: Bag: top layer cowhide, thick, elephant pattern cowhide Libu: no lining laundry guide: Not washable Matching demonstration: Model height 160cm / weight 46kg wearing M code Because there is a color difference between the shooting light or the display difference, please refer to the product drawing for the color and subject to the actual object. 【Buying】 1: Washing - canvas bags can be hand-washed, there will be a little fade, so it is not recommended to wash frequently. Light-colored canvas should use alkaline laundry as much as possible. Because the canvas is acidic, it will become yellow after drying. These light-colored bags, such as beige and khaki, are washed with a layer of paper towel on the surface of the bag, dried and then torn off to avoid yellowing after drying. As for the canvas-covered bag, it is recommended to dry clean 2: Color - There are objective factors such as display/light, shooting effect, etc. It is inevitable that there will be color difference. We try to proofread with the real thing, and please bear with me. 3: It will be carefully ironed before it is sent out. It is inevitable to bump during transportation. If there is pleat hanging/ironing, it will be good. 4: Products - Since most of the products are handmade, it is inevitable that some small 瑕疵 瑕疵 灰 灰 印 结 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 请 5: Maintenance - all leather bags, although waterproof, but try not to touch the water, the pores on the leather will absorb the water, which will make the bag easy to deform. When not in use, put it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid moisture and mildew. Non-abrasive leather can also be used to regularly polish the leather maintenance oil, so that the other bags can be more beautiful and more durable!


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