【Give yourself a letter】 mud illustration glasses cloth

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【Give yourself a letter】 mud illustration glasses cloth


【Give yourself a letter】 mud illustration glasses cloth Size: 145mm x 145mm Material: Micro Fiber individual package -------------------------------- Big mud, healing Department of cartoonists. He created white bears and boys - both of them supporting each other, encouraging each other, moving forward and discovering a new, more beautiful world. Watercolor painting, with heart writing, healing style works in the Oriental Daily column "love to see the world" published daily. Comic book publication - "We all have a fairy tale in the city", "Big muddy picture book - a person to travel", "with you", "our city has a fairy tale" 2011 revision, "because of love" and "like yourself." In addition to her creative career, she has worked in graphic education in various tertiary institutions in Hong Kong in recent years. She is also the host of "A Good Life" by Metro Finance in Hong Kong and "I Have a Dream" in Metro Digital Lifestyle. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1635/24956975923_f73111f04b_o.png Boy, an ordinary child, like me and you. He always looked up at the sky in a noisy city, longing for a day to fly and find a different place in a corner of the world. White bear, from a lonely planet, through giving, eager to meet his own companion. He has been paying, and finally, gave all his own to others. Until the summer of a year, boys and white beings met in the city. The boy saw the sweating white bear. He split the popsicle in his hand into half, half to the white bear, and half to himself. They enjoyed the half popsicles happily, and they were glad to meet each other. After that day, the white bear stayed beside the boy and became his guardian angel. From then on, they both supported each other, encouraged each other, walked forward and discovered a more beautiful new world together. https://youtu.be/_fmAB7yx_bA "With You" animated short films · The 13th "Japan TBS DigiCon6 Awards Hong Kong fifth https://youtu.be/Qn0oOjFqtf0 J2 ID x mud, Hong Kong wireless TV J2 promo -------------------------------- * Shooting and physical may be different, but our hearts are as warm ~ * Hongkong Post Mail: Hong Kong & Macau: 1-2 Business Days / Taiwan: 4-7 Business Days / Other District: 10-40 Business Days Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong printing


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