[Limited One] Natural Purple Lithium X Seawater Sapphire Bracelet

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◇ The gem used in this style is [Love] as the theme. Zi Lihui's love begins with loving oneself and extends to loving one's love and the world. ◇ The gems used in this museum do not contain dyed, artificial crystal or fake stones, and all the ston



[Limited One] Natural Purple Lithium X Seawater Sapphire Bracelet


※ Limited one ※ This page sells a single bracelet as shown in Figure 1. ※ The bracelet is thin, please check the size chart below ※ Please select the original skin size without any gap ※ If your hand circumference is a special size, please provide a skin wrap with no gaps for designers to make ◇ The gem used in this style is [Love] as the theme. Zi Lihui's love begins with loving oneself and extends to loving one's love and the world. 【energy】 Precious gem-Purple Lihui: Zi Lihui is a precious gem corresponding to the heart chakra. It can help to resolve the negative emotions and knots deposited in the heart. It has a strong ability to heal and purify the mind and body, and clear the body's seven rounds. In addition, Zi Lihui is also a very comprehensive high-end gem. It has a mild but huge influence on emotions, careers, and relationships. By soothing and purifying the mind, it releases good energy from the inside to the outside. Getting along with each other is a great help. Aquamarine: Symbolizes the courage and wisdom of a navigator. Master enhances expression and communication skills. Bringing confidence and trust. Remove the burden and alleviate anxiety and stress. 【Precautions】 ◇ Natural stone and natural crystal series do not contain dyed, artificial crystal or artificial stone (may bring a bad magnetic field to the body), and all the stones on sale are clearly known by the design and characteristics of the stone. The name of the stone is never sold. Designers can't distinguish the authentic gemstones. Please wear it with confidence. ◇ The stones of the bracelet have been screened for quality, but the condition of each natural ore is different. If there are some ore shortages or textures or the size change within 1mm is normal (the flawless ore is very likely to be fake) )), The demonstration photos are color-corrected one by one, and strive to be close to the real thing, but the color and brightness displayed on the screen of each computer or mobile phone are different, please dear buyers can accept and subscript, thank you very much! ◇ The framing of jewelry during shooting will focus on the bracelet and gemstones, causing visual magnification, so the actual finished product may be slightly smaller than you think. In addition to referring to the hand-wearing picture, you can also confirm the actual gemstone size below :) ◇ If you have any questions, please write to us again ^^ 【size】 Purple Lihui about 5mm, Sapphire Sapphire about 4mm ※ The actual wearing effect can refer to the actual photo wearing ratio ※ Please provide the correct hand circumference for the designer to make (do not reserve the looseness gap by yourself) [Material] High-quality natural purple Lithium, sea sapphire, Japanese elastic silk thread [Usage method] When wearing, please avoid contact with lotion and chemicals as much as possible, so as not to affect the natural magnetic field. https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2937/33947484246_a1123f83af_z.jpg [Introduction of Designers and Brands] Because of you, every gem has been given an endless story.


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