[Aromatherapy tea to buy three get one] Taiwan original three-dimensional tea bags (with smile / dumplings / jasmine / optional)


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    Flowers and fruits are sweet, and a snuff is sweet and charming.
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    『**Smiley Oolong**』
    There is no disguise of purity, wrapped in soluble banana fruit fragrance, silk thread into the buckle.
    With its rich fragrance and rich foliage, it is a common tree species in Taiwan. Because it has a unique banana fruit flavor when it is released, it is also called a banana flower. Shan Sheng has the honour of adopting the process of extracting both tea and flowers from Taiwan, and picking the ancient method of fragrant scent, using the fragrant Oolong as the base, and savoring the fragrant and fragrant flowers. The layers are staggered day and night. When the tea is full of aroma, the tea is screened manually. Petals, which reduce bitterness and miscellaneous tastes, solidify the process to create a charming flavor with a smiley oolong, a sweet and harmonious finish.


    『**Gardenia Oolong**
    The immaculate spotless white pheasant, full of aromatic fragrance, never forgets.
    Gardenia also known as yellow flowers, Yutang spring. Shan Sheng had the privilege of selecting the Jacaranda flower from the Shanglin community in Chiayi, which was sweet and pleasant. In order to combine the characteristics of both tea and flower in Taiwan, we use the ancient method of extracting ancient Chinese fragrant herbs, using fragrant oolong as the base, and scenting the gardenia flowers. The layers are staggered day and night, and when the aroma of tea is full, the petals are manually selected. , Reduce bitterness and miscellaneous tastes, solid process to achieve the "Gardenia Oolong" elegant texture, fresh fragrance of pure flavor.


    **Jasmine Oolong**
    Admiration of the graceful fragrance of flowers, overflowing spring atmosphere, barking.
    Jasmine is a tropical flower species, which is commonly seen in ornamental plants such as gardening, and has a distinctive floral fragrance. It has been used as a flavoring for flower tea since ancient times. In order to combine the characteristics of both tea and flower in Taiwan, we use the ancient method of fragrant osmanthus, using scented oolong as the base, and scenting jasmine flowers. The layers are staggered day and night. When the aroma of tea is full, the petals are manually screened. Reducing bitterness and miscellaneous tastes, a solid process to achieve the "Jasmine Oolong" Camellia, refreshing and pleasant fragrance flavor.

    『**One nose****One sweet****Charm**
    Series / Flower and fruit
    Product Name / Scented Oolong, Gardenia Oolong, Jasmine Oolong
    Origin / Nantou frozen top
    Content ingredients / Taiwan incense tea
    Content packaging / Taiwan original leaf three-dimensional tea bags
    Content weight / One 30 packets 90g ± 5% Total 4
    Size / length 10cm, width 8.8cm, height 3.5cm

    『**tea bag material**』
    There are many tea bags in the market, but which ones can stand the test? Regardless of tea bags, cotton threads, labels, we are qualified after inspection. Different from traditional tea bags, it is no longer a chemical fiber cotton cloth, and it is no longer a rigid plate. Heat-resistant PET net, triangular three-dimensional tea bag. Non-toxic aseptic food filters, fresh original leaves visible, so that tea has more room for stretching, tea soup more unrestrained!

    **Texture material**
    Different from the general market tea products, Shan Sheng has the honor to choose vacuum aluminum plated chain bags. After the tea is taken out, the air is discharged and the clips are pressed, which can reduce deterioration factors such as moisture oxidation and long-term preservation of the original tea appearance. This bag can also be reused for other food preservation purposes.

    **Suggested Brewing Method**
    Hot-soaking method | Soak 300cc.c. in boiling water for 3~5 minutes.
    Cold-soaking method | 600c.c cold water soaked tea bags at room temperature, and placed in the refrigerator to refrigerate about 6 to 8 hours to enjoy.
    Soaking time can be adjusted according to light and dark taste. Remind you not to soak the tea bag for a long time. It is better to taste the aroma and sweet taste!

    **Shansen Small Tea**
    Tea Soup / Honey Green
    Tea / Smiley, Gardenia, Jasmine
    Flavor / fresh and sweet
    Fermentation / light fermentation
    Degree of roasting/non-baked fire
    Tea appearance / 100% fresh raw hemisphere

    **Verification Unit**
    This product has been used for the analysis and testing of 405 pesticides from the "Rheinland Group Certification Laboratory" by Taiwan Tea Biochemical Technology, and has insured product liability insurance up to 10 million.

    **Shansheng Fortunately**
    We have the privilege of being able to feel compassion for the beautiful things bred by Taiwan’s rich land and forests. But have you ever thought that people are independent individuals and have a rich world of emotions?

    Of course, the mountains are also natural.

    Shan Sheng has the privilege of merging solar energy and processes that do not have the same appearance, resulting in a unique and emotional taste in the cup. He does not stress reasonable consistency. Therefore, he sincerely hopes that he can meet your heart and feel that Shan Sheng is fortunate.

    "Take forests as the root of people"
    △ Self-planting tea plantations / History of the century-long tea making in the Phoenix Tea Garden in Nanding.
    △ Raw material selection / 100% Taiwanese tea, sensory evaluation methods to select first-class quality original leaf tea.
    △ Safety verification / All tea products have passed 405 tests and analysis of pesticides through Taicha Biochemical Technology.
    △ literary design / tea, is the connection between humans and forests, the birth of solar terms and life.
    △ Friendliness / Retirement by economizing on the economy, and getting along with the mountains and forests in a balanced symbiosis.
    △ Tea Promotion / Combining culture of origin with literature and design, we are committed to making more people drink the beauty of Taiwan's forests.

    『**This tea is not provided with a bag. If necessary, please inform in the remarks**
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[Aromatherapy tea to buy three get one] Taiwan original three-dimensional tea bags (with smile / dumplings / jasmine / optional)

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