Sarkozy [OPUS East metalworking] Continental Iron wine bottle display / wine holder decoration / wine cooler Decoration (Sailing wine rack WR020)

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Sarkozy [OPUS East metalworking] Continental Iron wine bottle display / wine holder decoration / wine cooler Decoration (Sailing wine rack WR020)


To enhance the enjoyment of life as a starting point, designed for desktop storage ornaments, elegant wine rack. Allows guests to pick up or place the bottle of wine, while enjoying the taste of art, minimalist color into stores or outlets, embellished your store space and create Mi static elegant atmosphere. **OPUS Continental Iron wine rack** *Simple design, elegant and charming pearl color* *Metal wine racks wine cellar storage necessary* *In addition to increasing the flavor of wine grapes* *Yi Bao horizontally designed preventing wine quality cork dry* *Not only can be placed to create a more beautiful bottle space* *Collectors bring more pleasant visual enjoyment tasting* ★ display collection, decorated houses, highly ornamental ★ ★ pro HE friend friends housewarming, birthday, hi marriage gifts, gift tilapia ★ ★ home, furniture store accessories, hotels, bed and breakfasts, KTV box rooms, reception centers, restaurants, shopping malls, the airport terminal, the sample can be mused house decoration ★ Standard equipment: Figure 1. Photograph of liquor situation, does not include decorations or perimeter shooting accessories decoration was limited to designated copy sales of goods. Material: Stainless steel + delicate paint Dimensions: length 54cm x width 12cm x height 11cm Weight: 1.4kg **● metal surface paint technology, characterized piano paint effects, surface occasional small particles, are a normal phenomenon.** **● Please place the child difficult to get at it, to avoid scratches.** **● Avoid placed in a wet environment.** **● possibility of oxidation on the goods if the moisture immediately with a dry, soft cloth and wipe clean to avoid rust.** **[Service] rapid arrival** 1. Delivery Cargo: before 15:00 Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), to confirm the date of payment of goods imported, the confirmation, on the same day before 17:00 Delivery of goods will be sent. 2. If the payment order is completed on the same day after 16:00 will be shipped the next day; Friday 17: 00- 23:59 on Sunday to complete the order of payment, will be unified in order to ship Monday. (In case of holidays is likely to be postponed) Origin / manufacturing methods Dong Qi metalworking uphold the quality-oriented philosophy, intentions to build Taiwan metalworking brand, cost tens of millions purchase the Japanese AMADA laser cutting and folding beds and other equipment. With more than 27 years of practical experience in research and development of metal products, and piano paint color, bright color uniform, feel first class.