Freshly roasted coffee in a cast-iron pot-Santo Alio Manor, Colombia

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// LAIKA Coftee roasts fine coffee. Tea Brand // Roasting Degree: Light and Medium Roasting. Flavor: floral, orange, apricot, plum, fruit juice, honey, thick, long lasting flower and fruit aroma. Freshly roasted coffee beans in each pot are excellent coffe


Freshly roasted coffee in a cast-iron pot-Santo Alio Manor, Colombia


**/ Use the simple way of roasting beans and hand-punch technology to convey the flavor of fine coffee between fine-tuning /** The cast iron pot is stable, fast in heat conduction and good in heat storage, which is very suitable for hand roasting fine coffee. Just like the shovel technology of precision machining, it requires constant practice and correction, and eventually becomes a skill that cannot be replaced by a machine. Cup of specialty coffee must consist of four faces: the areas of environment-friendly, high-quality beans, proper roasting, plus barista perfect interpretation, which is__from the coffee tree to the cup of coffee journey__. Coffee is an agricultural product, which may cause differences in flavor or yield due to different varieties, producing areas, climate, soil, planting methods, processing methods, storage methods, etc. The green beans we choose are coffee that is friendly to the environment and producers. **Santuario Manor Love Potion Wash** **Colombia Finca Santuario Red Bourbon Washed** . Producing area: Cauca Cali, Colombia . Altitude: 1950-2050 meters . Variety: Red Bourbon . Grade: Excelso . Treatment: Washed Washed **Baking degree**: Medium and light baking **Flavor**: Floral, orange, apricot, plum, fruit juice, honey, thick, long-lasting flower and fruit aroma **Recommended parameters for hand brewed coffee**(Love Potion Washed): Water temperature 90 degrees Celsius Medium grinding / powder to water ratio 1:13 **Hand brewed coffee brewing method**: 1. The water temperature is adjusted to an appropriate temperature according to personal preference (recommended water temperature is 85 ° C ~ 92 ° C) 2. Fold the filter paper slightly and put it in the filter cup (the filter paper can be washed with hot water first to remove the pulp smell) 3. With a medium grinding scale, grind 20g coffee beans into powder and pour into a filter cup with filter paper. 4. Using a thin and steady stream of water, pour a small amount of hot water from the center outward in a spiral shape, and steam (soak) the coffee powder for about 30 seconds. 5. After smoldering, continue to spiral in from the middle to the outside, and then inject water repeatedly to 250 ~ 300ml 6. Remove the filter cup after filling, congratulations, and complete a delicious cup of coffee! ※ The flavor of coffee has a great relationship with the brewing method and water quality. It is recommended to try more at home to find your favorite golden brewing ratio ※ Different storage environments will affect the quality of coffee, please store in a cool and ventilated place **Our persistence** Collect high-quality Arabica coffee beans of high grade, and remove by hand the defective beans and foreign objects in fresh raw beans. Pick the beans before baking, and then pick them again after baking. Use two hand selections to ensure the quality of the beans. The aroma of coffee and tea is also part of the aroma of plants. While tasting coffee and tea, the atmosphere brought by the aroma has not only become a part of our sensory enjoyment, but also may have touched your deep memories and emotions. LAIKA Coftee takes home as a symbol, and hopes that the temperature brought by the coffee and tea will make everyone feel warm and at home. __This product is based on Peruvian coffee beans. The bean shape, size and color of each production area will be slightly different.__


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