Summer lotus pond / handmade glass mosaic warm tea glass teapot set new home gift afternoon tea

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A warm tea set made of mosaics allows you to have beautiful candlelight while drinking tea.


Summer lotus pond / handmade glass mosaic warm tea glass teapot set new home gift afternoon tea


**Summer paradise** In the summer, the plants in the jungle are dense and rich, and the color is bright and bright, and it is like entering the castle of the plant. The spires round the room, patchwork. If spring is a recovery, then summer is full. The land after waking up is free to grow to the extreme in this season. At this moment, vitality is pleasant, not just for one day, but between every sunrise and sunset. This is a summer paradise. This "Summer Paradise" series has a total of 5 products, namely: summer castle, full bloom, summer lotus pond, summer, summer. **Summer lotus pond** The lotus flowers bloom in the pond, and the red and white koi come and go in the water. Gently and agilely shuttle through the lotus bushes. In this steaming summer, this scene is like a cool shade in the shade. Deaf people. Tangshui uses a material with high transparency in the color matching, three kinds of shades of blue, The performance of the water is clear and translucent. The pink lotus flowers are set against the turquoise lotus leaf and the blue pond water. The color is more elegant, and the red and white koi adds a bit of fun to this "summer lotus pond".!!2690849487.jpg **Size**: 7.5cm high and 12.7cm wide **Material**: glass, mosaic, glass sand. **Production**: Handmade (delivery in about 3 days) **Weight**: about 1.5kg (including packaging)!!2690849487.jpg **Production Process**: Design → Cut → Collage → Filling → Polishing → Finished Product **Candlelight effect** **Candlelight**!!2690849487.jpg **Daylight effect** **Daily light**!!2690849487.jpg!!2690849487.jpg **Return** ● This store does not accept the return of the subjective reasons (do not like, and not the same as imagined). Only the quality of the goods themselves and shipping damage can be returned.**7**days of damaged goods, please show the relevant pictures and then re-delivery. The round-trip shipping costs are borne by the store. ●The product is sold as a set, including: glass teapot and warm tea. ●cleaning and maintenance Wipe gently with a cloth dampened with water. Do not expose to the sun for a long time or dip into the water. ●Notes ※The warm tea can only be used for heat preservation. It is not allowed to boil water. ※ This product is fragile, please take it lightly. ※Children under the age of 13 use candles, please be accompanied by an adult, pay attention to safety with fire. ※Please blow out the candle immediately, and wait until the wax oil is solidified to avoid burns. Each piece of mosaic is hand-cut, tiled, sanded, caulked, and cannot be made into a smooth texture of industrial products. We have done our best in the human range. If you want to have it, you will cherish it as much as we do. We will check again and again before delivery to ensure the quality, please rest assured. Thank you for your support and love!


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