Clearance-Daily Beautiful Metal Badge Pin Set (Two Entry) -10 Cream and Toast, E2D15749

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● Two sets of different shapes for each group ● 24K metal plating ● Clear lines and colors ● Can decorate small things in life



Clearance-Daily Beautiful Metal Badge Pin Set (Two Entry) -10 Cream and Toast, E2D15749

商品説明 (★★★ Please read the ordering notes in the story of the design museum before ordering ★★★) /**Product description and story**/ Dailylike is to make you boring everyday fun, to turn all kinds of daily life into cute patterns of metal badges, and you also want to make the boring life have some bright spots? Don't put them on! Don't put them in pencil bags, school bags, environmental protection bags, apron Sweater coat, hat, see the cute little things healed every day, so that you can feel good when you feel good. /**Product description**/ The product contains: one for each different shape, a total of two (excluding other shooting props). Paper card size: 10x10cm. Each badge size + total package weight: 01. Flamingo 9g: Flamingo 2.1x3.1cm, coconut tree 2.3x3cm. 02. Squirrel and acorn 9g: acorn 1.5x2.1cm, squirrel 2.2x2cm. 03. Pizza and beer 9g: Pizza 1.8x2.3cm, beer 2x1.5cm. 04. French fries and hot dog 9g: French fries 1.6x1.7cm, hot dog 2.7x1.1cm. The back of the badge is fixed with a single pin buckle. Made of 24K metal plating, the lines and colors are clear and unique. Color / Style: There are a variety of pins available, please go to each product page to buy. 【**Precautions for use**】: 1. The badge has small accessories and sharp objects, please wear it with care. 2. Please keep out of reach of children and babies (suitable for age: 14 years old and above). 3. If the material of the pin is too thin, please be careful when using it, because it may leave holes and sewing fabric. 4. The golden part of the badge is a 24K metal plating method, which may peel off due to friction or long-term use. 5. People with metal allergies, please pay attention when using. (※ The full series of daily beautiful metal badge links here ※) (※ Special Clearance Links ※) / Product size / 2.9x1 / 1.3x2.4 cm / Packaging size / 10x10x0.8 cm / Material / Metal (24K Gold Plated) / Weight / 9 g / Designer and Brand Profile / Dailylike, founded in 2010, is a Korean design brand based on DIY materials. Dailylike comes from Daegu, the most developed city in Korean fabric manufacturing. Combined with the popular DIY trend in Europe and the United States, it is tailor-made for DIY fans. The Dailylike team believes that everyone can move everyone with their heart.Our products range from pattern creation to finished products. They have gone through layers of checks, and through serious attitude, they have created happy works. Let everyone enjoy the beautiful design small things easily and happily. Dailylike hope everyone can pass our design, Enjoy a good life in the United States and Japan, love every day, we are happy together :)


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