Jeez16726 steel stamping heavy stamping costs

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Heavy-duty stamp / light stamp / lace / kitten



Jeez16726 steel stamping heavy stamping costs


Jeez16726 steel printing fee

Light steel stamped heavy duty stamp

Figure 1 is a schematic diagram without regard to

Note: Please pay attention to the number of production days and then place an order;
/ Physical and outer box /
/ Instructions for use/
Note: The printed surface with holes needs to be clamped down to the bottom protrusion to be used.
/ Model selection /
/ font /
1. You can tell the font like "XXX" when you order it.
2. Or take the photo you want to see the sheep
3. Or tell you the style you want. Sheep and goats are similar to you.
/ product manual/
EM light stamp (with plastic case)
※Light steel stamp has no base
1. Light steel stamp B
2. Heavy-duty stamp
/ Material / Iron. Plastic steel
/ Print size /
1.EM-5/(circle) diameter 4.1 cm
2.EM-6/(short) 2.5*5.0 cm
(There is no need to design another artwork for this size. Additional charge is required)
3.EM-7/(circle) diameter 5 cm
4.EM-8/(方)4.1*4.1 cm
(Please tell us which type of printing to use)
Note: The actual print range is 0.3-0.4 cm indented on each side of the print size.
/ Outer box size /
Approximately 2.8x12.7x8.7 cm (with protrusions)
/ Stamp size /
2x12x5.7 (handle height is about 11) cm
/ Production method /
1. Complete the transfer after placing the order; then inform the model/font/print size/text
(Model/font type can't be changed; please choose carefully. The text needs to be determined in advance)
2. The gadgets in the store can be applied to each other. You need to inform in advance.
(Example: Lgc5 coffee cup replaced with Lgc1 rose)
3. The revised draft is based on two principles; including the first proof
If you change too many times, you need to pay for it. Please forgive me.
(The proof will sometimes enlarge the proof. It does not mean that the size is completed)
4. Additional design / drawing / drawing. Need to quote another order
5. You can also provide the original pattern of the pattern (requires pure black and white line draft)
Note: You need to adjust the line thickness by yourself. 0.3mm or more
● AI please use the CS version
●Coreldraw please use version 12
(Note a. The text must be turned to the outer frame/curve; otherwise it will jump the word 喔)
(Note b. If your image file cannot be used; you need to charge another plate)
6. If you have a hand drawing, you can estimate the cost of making the plate for the sheep and then place an order.
7. The production days are about 10-18 days;
(excluding the manuscript. On the day of the issue, holiday, delivery, and special circumstances)
Early completion and early delivery
8. There is color difference between the actual product and the sample.
9. Only one sheet of paper can be imprinted at a time
10. Thin paper works well (cannot overprint too thick paper)
11. The simpler the picture is. The less the word is. The stamping effect is better.
12. If the map is too complicated or has more strokes, it will float after stamping.
It is normal for the surrounding lines to be eaten (covered).
Please do not use this as a reason for return
13. If you turn the account, you will find that you are not waiting; you want to refund
If you use super-business payment, you need to deduct 15 yuan cash flow fee and refund other fees.
(Because it has been taken away by the bank; it is not the embarrassment of the sheep and sheep)
14. There is color difference between the actual product and the sample.
15. The manuscript must be proofread. If it is not proofread, it will make a mistake.
Can't betray the seller喔
(The seller is alone to everyone. Sometimes there is no time to help the proof. Please forgive me)
/ Other customized products /
↓ Heavy steel real photo
/ Origin /


アメリカUS$ 15.30US$ 3.40
カナダUS$ 15.30US$ 3.40
マカオUS$ 8.50US$ 3.40
シンガポールUS$ 8.50US$ 3.40
中国US$ 8.50US$ 3.40
日本US$ 13.60US$ 3.40
香港US$ 8.50US$ 3.40
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