Vintage Pins out of print vintage classic pin badge series any number you like

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Retro classic old pins dug out of the European market, full of stories and warm colors~



Vintage Pins out of print vintage classic pin badge series any number you like


**[Vintage Pins] European retro style out of print pin series:** In the European market, I often dig out the retro classic old pins, full of stories and warm colors, like the little gift that the grandfather will give to the grandson, or the memories of the mountaineering bag that my father passed to his son. We carefully sort out a series of European retro old pins, and each one tries to find out the story and origin behind it. Please forgive me if there is any information wrong, or if you know the story behind it, please share with us. ! **【Purchase Notes】:** In the third picture in the product photo, each badge has a number in the upper left corner. You can tell me the badge number you want after ordering, or which one you are curious about, or you can give me a number by private message. Reply to you~ **Optional two badges 120 yuan** **Choose three badges for 150 yuan** **Optional five badges 250 yuan** (There will be foam packaging and will not be damaged by shipping.) Design management also has some individual sold badges, with their story source: , there is also a [European Vintage Sports Style] in the design gallery. The series can also be seen for reference: Pin size: about between five and ten coin sizes Pin weight: about 3 grams Pin buckle: butterfly hat buckle **[Introduction of individual stories of badges]: (Depending on the badge number, some badges do not find the source story)** #1: NOVA Chemicals logo badge: NOVA Chemicals is a Canadian chemical and plastics company. #2: Columbia Icefield Columbia Icefield Commemorative Pin: The Columbia Icefield is the largest ice sheet in the Canadian Rockies. It is one of Europe's famous tourist attractions in Canada. Every year, many tourists come here to hike and come to the "Columbia Icefield Adventures". ! You can see the rolling hills covered with a white snow coat, as the coat of arms shows, the dreamlike rainbow surrounds the hill, and its beauty is unforgettable. If you've visited the Columbia Icefield in Columbia Icefield, or enjoy hiking, or wishing for a rainbow, this badge will be a unique mark on your bag, with it to travel! #3: USV Basketball Team Badge #9: VIA Transport Central and Slovakian transport industry commemorative badge: VIA Transport is a transport company in Slovakia, a classic truck or truck, the colors and patterns are very retro! #10: PAM Rallye BMO Hussigny French long-distance racing commemorative badge: Rallye is a long-distance racing car, Hussigny (in Sinig Browne) is a town in the French province of Meurthe-Moselle. This is a very classic long distance racing commemorative badge in the local area! #13: Habitation Moderne French home advertising retro badge: Habitation Moderne is a large French construction company founded in 1951, providing a lot of accommodation for the residents of Strasbourg in eastern France, creating A lot of "home" - this company started in the 1960s, using the pin or badge of the company logo to achieve the effect of advertising, and later became a collection. The geometric design of its triangles and circles is very classical, and there is also a little sci-fi sensation of "Star Trek", which is very special! #15: Bicycle rider's badge #17: Voile Lacanau Guyenne French Sailing Club Badge: The word "Voile Lacanau Guyenne" on the badge is the meaning of Sailing Club Lacanau Guyenne. Lacanau is a municipality in the province of Gironde, France. This yacht club called Lacanau Guyenne, members often wear blue member uniforms, so the sailboats in the badge have a blue visual design. Blue with yellow and green, triangular geometry and slash design, make the entire badge look very classical retro. People who like sailing can consider collecting! #19: École des Girondins France St. Cantan's Primary School Badge: The French on the coat of arms is "Groupe scolaire des girondins saint quentin", which is located in the small town of Saint Quentin in the north of France, called Girondins. Elementary school. Look at the two badges in the badge holding hands holding the flag, I feel very funny! The right side looks like a girl, because wearing a skirt, the pants on the left should be a little boy, they are like running and playing, as if you can still hear them singing French songs! #20: US Saint-Maur France Saint Mogou Football Club Badge: Sports Union Luistanos Saint-Maur or US Lusitanos Saint-Maur, is a football club in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France. The club was founded in 1966 when Portuguese immigrants worked in a factory in the town. They have twice entered the national championships, the third level of the French football competition, and in 2002 they entered the top 16 in Coupe de France. Simple green and yellow, geometric shapes like dialogs, full of retro flavor! #25: ESCAUDIBOIS Commemorative Badge: Furniture in Escodan, France #26: Tug-of-war #31: Hockey Player Badge: Willow Ridge Waisters is an American hockey team. #32: Accordion badge


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