Double zipper denim oblique shoulder / hand envelope bag (strap bag / travel bag / walking bag / personal bag)

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Undead element [Denim Tannin] simple style but individuality



Double zipper denim oblique shoulder / hand envelope bag (strap bag / travel bag / walking bag / personal bag)

商品説明 ▲Undead elements [Denim Tannin] simple style but individuality ☆Please read the design museum trading policy before ordering☆ ○The overall size is approximately 22 x wide and 16 cm high. ○The front zip pocket is approximately 20 x wide and 10 cm high. ○The rear zip pocket is approximately 20 x wide and 15 cm high. ○The bag mouth is a copper buckle that enhances the texture and adhesion. ○ Strap: detachable, cotton soft cotton rope; diameter about 7cm It is not specified that the uniform length is about 130cm (the length can be tied by itself). ○ Hand strap: detachable, about 20 cm long. ○The fabric is about 12N denim tannin fabric. - Handmade product sizes may have some errors - Despite the question before the order, don't imagine it and cause misunderstanding! ▲ Simple classification is convenient to carry. The cowboy trend has long been immortal Take advantage of the best entry elements: tannin fabric The layout of the envelope is easy to show personal characteristics and a sexy Create practical and well-matched accessories This kind of walking and traveling abroad can easily put the most personal Mobile phone banknote change mobile phone mobile power passport key paper passbook Separately layered and ready to take the clothes and carry them on your back. ▲ Self-changing hand / oblique shoulder / storage bag. ▲The length of the strap changes randomly ☆Precautions before placing an order☆ ➤Preparation (pre-prepared semi-finished/finished product). Ask for availability before ordering. The production time of the ➤ works may wait for about 1 month to 2 months, or it may be earlier. Due to factors such as the material, style, quantity, and ordering time of the work, it will affect the time when the preparation/finished product is completed. If you can't wait, you can change the style with the reserve. If you can't wait, please don't, don't, don't order, so as not to cause you and me trouble! Thank you! Oh, sorry, sometimes it is helpless to deal with urgent drops. ➤The work is done by hand from cutting to sewing. The size, size, shape and color will be different, and not all will be exactly the same. Different models of the same color or the same color, there will be some differences in the texture, feel and color of different batches of fabrics; parts may also be considered due to factors such as out of stock, and are not the same as those used in styles. If you have any questions, please ask before [ordering]! Detailed communication can save you money, money and time due to misunderstanding. Handmade goods are inevitably a little imperfect, that is the beauty of hand-made, high perfectionists do not order! Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / iShare original hand made


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