Zo.craft baby custom name small bracelet / 925 sterling silver

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Zo.craft baby custom name small bracelet / 925 sterling silver


Zo.craft fine chain ring / 925 sterling silver ◆ Product description In addition to the general beauty of baby supplies, baby can also be customized for a special bracelet Oh ~ Engraved name, date of birth is very meaningful! Bracelet behind we have extended chain, the length can grow with the hand a little bit of growth, or even can bring to primary school Oh ~ Detachable design, the strap can be free to match, would like to bring a two can Oh ~ And then always want to increase the strap can also be free to increase! We are equipped with ↓ 1. two little feet 2. A Chinese or English letter (can be customized!) 3. small round card (can be knocked on the date) The Small reminder → each product are handmade, each piece of detail will inevitably be slightly different ~ ◇ size and measurement methods 【size】 Product size: small hanging about 8mm high 8mm thick 2mm Hand in hand: according to the customer's hand We hope that each item is unique to the guests, so if the size or style of special needs can be discussed with us ~ 【measurement method】 → hand measurement Can take any wire around the wrist on a circle, you can usually wear bracelet in accordance with the habit of tightness measurement. ◆ material International Standard 925 Sterling Silver ◇ maintenance mode Sterling silver jewelry for a long time with the air easily oxidized, there will be black situation, we will be attached to wipe a silver cloth, you can use wiping silver cloth to wipe. The human body of oil, the survival of the temperature, humidity, are the factors that affect the discoloration of silver products; Often wear silver if it is gradually dark, on behalf of silver is to absorb the body of the bad material. Wear silver benefits a lot ~ With a bath does not matter, but still try to avoid touch the detergent, to avoid swimming 'sea' hot springs, may cause irreversible oxidation. Do not wear, please wipe the silver cloth wipe and then placed in the attached folder with the air bag isolated. Order zo.craft silver products can be sent back within a year to repair, maintenance. As long as the burden of shipping back and forth can be. ◆ Packaging Exclusive bag + gift box + wipe silver cloth + folder chain bag + warranty card Taiwan / handmade Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan


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