Cement made in India A three-shape Moai line incense coil plate group with coil incense 1 package 5 into

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Product content: Moai*1/round chassis*1/ random coil incense 1 pack (5 in)


Cement made in India A three-shape Moai line incense coil plate group with coil incense 1 package 5 into


Healing Amo is coming again! ! Many people, whether they are moving to a new home or moving to an office, will use the coils that have the concept of purifying space to purify them. Some people are used to occasionally purifying their homes. I always wanted to be a pan-seat with healing effect and practicality, but I have been on hold for no inspiration. One day, a Hong Kong powder shared with me that Moai had a magical healing power for him. I don’t know why my head flashed the term "Indian A3", so... The incense seat was born! The top of the hat of A San deliberately made a spiral groove of the incense, so that the incense can be put on to increase the stability; the chassis uses the raised outer edge of the previous incense product to reduce the chance of the incense sticking out; and the Amo and the chassis Adding magnets as well to facilitate cleaning also adds fun. If you are a toner, if you are a little scented to purify the space, if you like the fragrance at home, come bring a group home! Note the following: 1. In order to avoid the use of cement ash falling during the use process, the outer layer of the product has a clear lacquer. The top of the Moai head may be normal due to the color of the scent remaining after burning the scent or the blackened genus. 2. The cement material is fragile. Please take it carefully. Dropping or impacting may cause the product to rupture. 3. The goods are arranged after the order is received. It takes time to dry the concrete and dry it after painting. Please wait patiently. (The weather will also affect the time spent ㄛ) 4. The paint surface is drawn by hand, so each product will definitely be different. 5. The goods are hand-built for each product to retain its unique appearance features, acceptors and then place an order. Because the cement is different in shape each time, there will be slight differences with the photos. 6. The grouting process can't remove the bubbles 100%. It is normal to have bubbles after forming~ (In fact, there are bubbles to highlight the beauty of cement) 7. When filling the product into the mold, the dry process will slightly sink with the evaporation of the water, so the grouting surface is more difficult to be as smooth or flat as the mold surface, and the acceptor will place an order (general grouting will be Try to choose the bottom of the product or the smaller or no shape) 8. Please use it carefully and safely to avoid flammable objects placed around. Any questions are welcome to send a message, thank you for your support. Also feel free to follow Facebook or IG news. (Search for "Mud")


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