Canned biscuits-gem Demia 1 box 2 cans

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The caramelized macadamia beans are like shining gems inlaid on the biscuits. The cocoa biscuits used as the base are frosted and salted. The salty, sweet, nutty aroma and cocoa are all matched. A cup of milk is more perfect Up.


90g x 2


Canned biscuits-gem Demia 1 box 2 cans


Boil the sugar until it is browned and mixed with Hawaiian beans, then put it on the biscuits and bake in the oven. The caramel is heated and coked again to achieve a proper bitterness, and the cocoa powder is just right. The biscuit dough is added with Zhounan cream salt. Balance the sweetness, taste sweet with a bit of bitterness, burnt nutty flavor, crispy taste. ✦Ingredients: French fermented butter, sugar, Zhounanhai salt, flat-fed eggs, Hawaiian beans, Spanish cocoa powder, flour. ✦Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian is edible ✦Storage period: It can be stored at room temperature for 30 days in unopened containers. Please store in a cool and dry place. ✦The best flavor period: 14 days, please place it in a cool and dry place. ✦The box size is about 10x10x11. 5cm ✦The height of a jar is about 6cm and the diameter is about 8.5cm ✦1 box of 2 cans, can be mixed with roasted sweet potatoes or gem Demia, for example, 1 can of rosemary orange + 1 can of gem Demia, if you need to place an order, you can make a note. ✦The dough is pressed by hand, the weight of each cookie will be different, and the jar is mainly filled ✦This product bag is purchased at an extra price. If you need it, you can purchase 24x13x12cm in the bag and bag category. 1 bag can hold up to 2 boxes = 4 cans ✦Unpaid orders will not be added to the work schedule. ✦Guests who choose 7-11 to pick up the goods, please pay attention to the delivery time, and the goods must be delivered to the pick-up store as soon as possible, to ensure the freshness. ✦An order is sent to a receiving address/pickup store ✦There are risks of collision and damage during the delivery of goods, but we will try our best to improve the protective measures, and we can accept orders before placing orders. It is recommended to choose home delivery for gift-giving needs, and the risk is relatively small compared with 7-11 pick-up. ✦Sent to Hong Kong is a long way away, and biscuits are prone to breakage. We will also try our best to take protective measures and accept possible breakage before purchasing. The number of days required for fast shipping and delivery varies from 1 to 5 days, depending on the receiving address. If you are buying cakes with a shorter shelf life, please consider carefully before placing an order. ✦About Zhounan Salt Field and Frost Salt✦ Sea salt contains a variety of minerals, sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium... and so on. They have their own flavors, which naturally enriches the taste of sea salt. The refined salt is dialyzed to remove minerals, leaving high-purity sodium chloride. It only tastes slightly salty Dead salty. Located in Budai, Chiayi, the southern salt field is one of the many salt farms in southern Taiwan. It was opened in 1824. It was the peak of Taiwan’s salt production in the 1980s. However, it still could not meet Taiwan’s salt demand and had to face cheap foreign salt imports. Competing with imported salt, Taiwan Salt’s mechanized operation of salt fields forced the salt workers to leave the salt fields, but ultimately failed. The cloth bag salt field was closed in 2001, and all salt fields were closed the following year. The history of salt drying in Taiwan came to an end. After 7 years, the Budaizui Cultural Association and the local old salt workers and young people pursuing their dreams have restarted the salt pan step by step. In addition to resuming salt production from sun-dried salt, it also coexists with the ecology, making the local place a place where history and culture continue ; And Zhounanhai salt is produced in such an environment, relying on years of experience and technology accumulated by old salt workers. The history of salt drying in Taiwan can be traced back to Zheng Chenggong's period. It has been up and down for hundreds of years. It is finally passed down to this day. It would be a pity to be submerged in the past years. Our shop hopes to do its best to support this lovely place. The product, through making a small biscuit, let everyone know Taiwan better.


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