Italian sheep skin magnetic large-capacity business card holder

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The business card holder is a very wonderful thing. It is only a container for storing business cards, but it actually plays a pivotal role in the communication between people. The soft, quality premium Italian sheep leather has been carefully selected by


Italian sheep skin magnetic large-capacity business card holder


The business card holder is a very wonderful thing. It is only a container for storing business cards, but it actually plays a pivotal role in the communication between people. When you exchange business cards with the objects of Susong, the other party knows nothing about you. And you take out the business card holder from your pocket and open it and present it with a business card. A series of actions convey your personality, taste and your attention to the act of exchanging business cards. ————————————————————— [Features] ◆ Italian sheep skin, delicate, soft, smooth touch, rich color options, light and textured. ◆ The edges of the business card holder are reinforced by the hem of the hem, which is exquisitely crafted; the inner compartment is made of Italian yak leather, which provides a firmness and durability, and is not easily deformed even after long-term use. ◆ The stitching design of the invisible magnetic buckle increases the details of the work and presents a careful and professional image. ◆ The side is thickened and more than 30 business cards can be placed. ◆ The back of the cover is a single card compartment for credit card or identification card. [Product Information] Name: soft sheep skin can be stored in environmental protection cups Dimensions: L10.5cm, W6.5cm, H2.0cm. Material: Italian chrome-tanned multi-colored sheep skin, Italian plants, multi-color cow leather colour Sheepskin: caramel brown, fragrant cichox, magenta, dark red, whitefly, pink purple, grape purple, deep purple, sky blue, lake blue, indigo, dark blue, matcha green, light gray, iron gray, black, a total of 16 colors selected. Cowhide: original skin color / sun tan / apple red / cocoa brown / royal blue / black wood black / forest green Origin: Taiwan handmade [Customized Service] ◆ Freely typed English letters and numbers. The number of words is recommended to be less than 20 (including spaces). Please discuss with our private message after ordering. [Precautions] ◆ The inner layer is plant yak leather, which has the characteristics of color change with time and use. This change process is commonly known as skin care. The user can slowly experience the changes in color and luster during the skinning process, so that the leather goods develop a unique and charming texture. ◆ Since the leather used in TIPSY is made of natural materials, it is inevitable that the animals will grow scars due to mosquito bites or collisions, or different skin parts and directions in different body parts. All of the above are natural phenomena. We will try to avoid obvious scars or defects that may affect the durability of the goods, but we cannot guarantee 100% no grain. ◆ During the leather dyeing process, because of the different origin and growth conditions of the cow/sheep, even if dyed in the same formula, there will be some slight chromatic aberration and unevenness, which is unavoidable. In addition, product photos may also have chromatic aberration due to the light source conditions of the shooting environment and display on different devices or screens. ◆ Customized products need to be stocked for a longer period of time, and free-to-print spot items will be sent within 3 days. Customized items that are not in stock are subject to the number of days required for the production of the product. After discussion with you, please order them under conditions acceptable to both parties. [Use and maintenance] ◆ Leather does not need to be taken care of under normal conditions. Please avoid the possibility of scratching or pulling or hitting with excessive force to maintain the function and integrity of the product. ◆ If you are inadvertently wet, please put it in a place that is ventilated and not exposed to direct sunlight. Dry it naturally or dry it with a dehumidifier. Do not use a hair dryer or an iron to speed up the drying process to avoid cracking or deterioration. Please avoid the leather case being sealed for a long time under damp conditions, reducing the possibility of mold. If you are insane, please wipe the visible mold with a damp cloth and air dry, and keep it in a ventilated environment or a medium and low humidity space. After the leather is dry, apply a proper amount of maintenance oil to replenish the lost oil and maintain the elasticity of the leather. ◆ Under normal use conditions, the maintenance oil can be replenished about half a year. When not in use for a long time, wipe off the dust with a clean cotton cloth, apply a layer of maintenance oil, and store the product in a medium-low humidity space. The oil component of the maintenance oil is preferably animal fat, and the maintenance agent for clean synthetic skin is avoided on the leather. [Return Policy] ◆ Return: The commodity conditions that can be returned are: the functional or structural defects of the non-customized goods, the damage caused by the transportation process of the non-customized goods, and the uncustomized goods that are not unpacked. ◆ Exchange: The conditions for the goods that can be exchanged include the defects in function and structure of all products, the damage caused by the transportation process of all goods, and the non-customized products that are not used for unpacking. ◆ Since leather is a natural material, please confirm the appearance of the product when you receive the product, and then open it. If the product is opened for use, there will be a process of raising the skin, the condition and color of the leather may change, and the photo of the product may have a color difference due to various factors. Unless the brand is sold, there is a functional flaw or a transportation process. Damage caused, once opened, will not accept the return of goods due to color, leather and other reasons. ◆ The free stamping service provided by the brand is customized service. Customized products are not accepted for return. If the function or structure is flawed or damaged due to the transportation process, the goods can be exchanged. If you have any questions, please ask by private message! Thank you~


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