American Chagrin Valley male special clove cocoa shaving soap soap 3OZ - about 85g

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Eliminate razor scratches, uneven skin and dry itchy skin! When it comes to traditional shaving, it is better to use no better shaving soap foam. This natural shaving soap is rich in shea butter and cocoa butter, as well as the sarcoidin in the Ayurvedic h


American Chagrin Valley male special clove cocoa shaving soap soap 3OZ - about 85g


If you have been troubled by skin for a long time... Please use the cleansing handmade soap and organic skin care products that are naturally simple and chemically free to protect your body. Since then, chemical additives have been rejected from prolonged contact with the skin. Give the skin a little time, naturally repair from the inside, and restore the beauty of natural health! ♥️ Dedicated to boys! Special for shaving! The dense shaving bubble 👉 After the shave, the skin will feel smoother, which is the charm of this handmade soap! The size of the handmade soap is designed to fit the size of the shaving cup, and the storage is not annoying. 🌱All ingredients are natural and organic, not tight after washing, moisturizing after cleansing. 🌱 Chagrin Valley All goods are imported from the United States (short-haul, maintain the freshness of the goods), each batch of products in the United States are small-volume production, small portions of imports, there will be no stocks, because we want to give you fresh The best care and cleansing for your skin. 🌱 Pursuit of environmental protection, handmade soap products are only in carton packaging, we no longer use plastic bags to repackage. After taking out the handmade soap, the organic essential oil remaining in the carton can be placed in the closet to add healing scent. 🌱 adhere to no chemical artificial addition, no preservatives, no animal experiments, all-in-one organic herbal sources. __Q: Why can't I see the date of manufacture and storage on the package?__ A: . The original US factory for the Chagrin Valley range is produced in small batches and re-created every few weeks. . We purchase in small quantities and arrive in the air for 3~5 days to ensure the freshness of the goods. . Handmade soap cleaning products are all used within half a year after opening. (including test supplies) . Maintenance cream and other commodities begin with**EU PAO logo is displayed, please use up within six months after the bottle, 6M on behalf of Kaifeng**. . The trial/travel group has no 6M mark because of its small capacity. __Q: Why are products such as nourishing creams different from the original photos after opening?__ A: Because the product ingredients are natural,**no preservatives or stabilizers are added.**It is subject to temperature changes during transportation, but it does not affect the effect of the product. Please use it with peace of mind.


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