power m ring_power m ring pair ring couple valentine's day gift boyfriend gift 925 silver

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[RG2006 power m ring_power m ring] "I've got the power"! Putting on the power ring with P in profile, you feel full of strength and fighting spirit. Face the unknown, be fully prepared, fearless, and bravely face any challenges.


power m ring_power m ring pair ring couple valentine's day gift boyfriend gift 925 silver


[RG2006 power m ring_power m ring] "I've got the power"! Putting on the power ring with P in profile, you feel full of strength and fighting spirit. Face the unknown, be fully prepared, fearless, and bravely face any challenges. Model: RG2006 Name: power m ring_power m ring Supply International: F Metal material: 925 silver Delivery time: spot This paragraph can be paired with [Strength f ring]~ ︱Material︱ The materials are marked according to different products: platinum, K gold, 925 silver; diamonds, pearls, gems; please refer to the material description of each product. The products are all "refuse to use electroplating technology" to reduce environmental pollution, replaced by manual polishing throughout the process, and provide permanent free maintenance and cleaning services to be responsible for you. ︱Ring size measurement / comparison table︱ https://i.imgur.com/h5qTqJJ.jpg ︱Packing︱ The outer packaging is made of environmentally friendly paper and printed with soy ink. You are invited to join us in implementing environmental protection and loving the earth. Welcome to fill in the required "packaging method" in the order remarks~ ◆Environmentally friendly packaging Silver cloth + guarantee card + zipper bag. ◆Gift packaging Silver cloth + guarantee card + brand packaging box + brand carrying bag. (If you need to write a small card, please leave a message on the order remarks.) https://i.imgur.com/icP9ztt.jpg ︱Using and maintenance methods︱ The best way to preserve jewelry is to wear it often, the more you wear it, the brighter it gets. When not wearing it, try to isolate it from air and moisture and put it in a sealed bag. Never place it arbitrarily in the bathroom or kitchen to cause accelerated oxidation and deterioration. All jewelry purchases come with a silver-wiping cloth made in Taiwan (passed SGS non-toxic verification), which can be wiped by yourself. Please be extra careful when wiping the chain. The texture of the chain is soft and it can break easily. ︱After-sales service︱ ◆The goods you buy enjoy lifelong free cleaning service. ◆The product enjoys a one-year warranty period. If there is a maintenance requirement (such as size change) during the warranty period, the cost will be charged according to the degree of maintenance required. Thank you for your understanding. ◆The baby bracelet provides free extension service to 16 cm (originally 12 cm) to meet the needs of the baby who needs to extend the bracelet when he grows up (each baby bracelet only provides one extension service). ︱brand introduction︱ Founded in 2012, mittag jewelry is a combination of the MIT abbreviation of Made in Taiwan (made in Taiwan) and the two English words of Tag (meaning Brand, brand meaning), because we insist and promise that all mittag products and their packaging will be Taiwan Manufacturing, but also sincerely hope that you can intuitively and simply remember this brand from Taiwan; because we love the land of Taiwan and care about the people living in this land as much as you. Therefore, through the handwriting of thousands of mittags, the team repeatedly screened out the most suitable straightforward text to make the brand logo, hoping to inject the brand style of professional design and hand-made temperature that cannot be replaced by industrial machinery mass production. As a member of a Taiwanese brand, mittag jewelry participates in many green activities such as beach cleaning and energy conservation. In addition to actual actions, it is more active in realizing the pursuit of a sustainable environment in products and services, and taking care of the environment with consumers Therefore, mittag jewelry provides the following 4 brand guarantees: 1. "Use fair trade and green precious metal materials" Since the establishment of the brand in 2012, mittag jewelry has begun to use precious metal recycling and waste electronic products to make jewelry through "refined perpetual recycling metal"; in addition, after years of hard work, it finally passed the The review of the "Fairmind" certification established by ARM (Alliance for Responsible Mining) has become Taiwan's first and only jewelry brand using fair trade precious metals. The source of the material behind the beautiful jewelry you buy comes from the good intentions of fair trade and sustainable environment. 2. "Products are not electroplated and do not pollute the environment" In the article "Leave a beautiful environment with you! Taiwanese brands talk about environmental awareness", mittag jewelry mentioned that electroplating products have serious damage to the environment and water sources. Therefore, mittag jewelry uses "hand polishing" and "free lifetime maintenance". To replace the high-pollution electroplating process, so that the jewelry you buy is equally beautiful from the inside to the outside. 3. "A friendly environment for product packaging" The packaging of mittag jewelry is printed with soy ink. In the future, it is planned to gradually replace it with no bronzing, no film and comply with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) International Forestry Regulatory Commission packaging, so that it can be naturally decomposed by the environment or recycled again Use to achieve zero waste; in addition to letting you enjoy shopping, the packaging also meets your environmental protection requirements. 4. "Commodity recycling and trade-in" The products of mittag jewelry are just like the 925 silver, 14K gold, etc. it indicates. The surface and the inside are the same. In order to protect the environment and promote the environmental protection issues of the circular economy (Circular Economy), any product you buy in mittag jewelry can be Recycled by mittag jewelry, and can purchase your new mittag jewelry at a preferential price (detailed recycling program please refer to the "purchase precautions" in the official website), so that you can take actual actions together with mittag jewelry Cherish resources and let this love last forever. https://i.imgur.com/Vu7QbLy.jpg


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