Yourou X CHAFFEE Mid-Autumn Festival Joint Gift Box-20 sets

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On the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2020, there is meat recommended for those who like plants. With more "flesh" plants as a gift, take advantage of this wave of "rammed meat" and launch a series of "rammed meat" gift boxes!



Yourou X CHAFFEE Mid-Autumn Festival Joint Gift Box-20 sets


**Yourou X CHAFFEE Mid-Autumn Festival Joint Gift Box (Full Moon Succulent Pot & Shizuoka Roasted Tea)** This co-branded tea gift box is our good neighbor CHAFFEE on Siwei Road, and is also a brand under the well-known Taiwanese tea shop "Ten Ren Tea". The store carefully selects tea from different regions of the world as the main source of tea. For this joint collaboration, CHAFFEE’s unique product Shizuoka Hojicha was selected. Hojicha (Hojicha) has a pure nutty fragrance and a warm taste. After the roasting process, the tea soup shows a gorgeous amber color. The sweetness is endless. If you are worried that the delivery of cakes will be too repetitive, then choose a tea set that is not greasy, and pair it with a succulent planting set that also brings everyone a fresh and natural feeling. It is definitely a gentle and elegant breeze in the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box, a beautiful existence to receive the gift In human life. __Send a gift that will grow up with time❤︎__ * Gift box size: 15 x 23 x 12 (H) cm. * Contents: full moon fleshy pot x1, canned Shizuoka roasted tea 50g. * Quantity: The total price includes 20 sets of Mid-Autumn Festival co-branded gift boxes. The minimum order quantity is 20 sets. If you need to increase the purchase quantity, please privately discuss. * Delivery method: delivery by hand (single address), if you need to add an additional address, please private message to discuss. **Plant succulents together, ramming!** A gift that combines succulents, you must have never seen it! And do you know that the most popular thing in Taiwan in the past two years is succulents? This ever-changing green pet can be said to be a real stress relief for everyone in modern life. Why has Succulents become everyone's favorite? Because he has a healing and cute appearance, he can live very well without daily care, and because he is a perennial plant that will bloom and grow babies during the care process, just like his own pet Generally, quite alive and full of vigor. **2020 Mid-Autumn Festival ``rammed meat'' plant gift box debut** Every Mid-Autumn Festival, a smell of meat is emitted from all parts of Taiwan. Friends and family take this opportunity to get together and enjoy the moon while chatting at home. Barbecue has become a national sport during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the term "rammed meat" is more popular. The Taiwanese homophony of "barbecue" is jokingly called the Mid-Autumn Festival as the annual "Roast Meat Festival." On the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2020, there is meat recommended to those who like plants. Take the "flesh" plant as a gift, catch this wave of "rammed meat" wind, and return the piece to friends who like plants.


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