Annie Crazy Antiquities British Bone China Made in the UK Sadler Rose Garden Flower Teapot Happy Afternoon Tea Series, Cute

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Flower teapot Happy afternoon tea for two, cute



Annie Crazy Antiquities British Bone China Made in the UK Sadler Rose Garden Flower Teapot Happy Afternoon Tea Series, Cute


♥~Brand: Sadler

♥~Production: England

♥~ Material; Bone China, Bone China

♥~ size: width 19cm height 13cm

♥~Product details:

Beautiful rose totem blue striped flower teapot,

Pink roses with blue forget-me-not flowers,

Cute and romantic set of two flower teapots

A flower teapot that is perfect for happy afternoon tea, coffee maker ^^~

The word "made in England" is on the bottom of the pot.

In addition to tea, in fact, you can also hold a cold drink 喔 ^^~

The advantages of bone china products: good cleaning, good maintenance,

Insulation effect is better than normal materials. It will be especially pleasant to use ^^~

There are no scratches, cracks, or cracks in the product. The gold part of the edge is also quite intact.

♥ Brand Story:
About Sadler It is a famous British pot bone china brand, founded in 1882, it has a variety of story pots. There are also a lot of limited edition classic British Royals, and there are also many special teapots, such as antique cars. Edwardian Lady .....etc.

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Hey ~ Annie notes

According to historical records, during the Tang and Song Dynasties, as many foreign business travelers and missionaries continued to bring Chinese cultural relics into continental Europe, black tea was brought into the upper classes in Europe, and the tea-making atmosphere was also opened.

In the early days, it took a long time to ship by sea, and the fastest time to transport tea from China's original production area to London, England was about half a year, and the transportation cost was high. So in the early days, the European tea was a super luxury that the nobility had. Pinhao~

Later in the early 18th century, in response to the demand for tea in the domestic market, the United Kingdom began to establish frequent bilateral trade relations with China. The British have 300 years of history in drinking black tea and are the world’s largest importer of black tea. In daily life In fact, British people do not have a day without tea. According to statistics, 66% of Britons drink an average of 4 cups of tea a day. Morning tea, afternoon tea, afternoon tea and late tea. The average person in the UK can drink about 1,500 a year. The cup of black tea. Anne thinks this is also why British bone china technology is so famous. It is one of the reasons why the pattern design is so diverse. So anyway, we must buy a group of tea tea and let us have an elegant and happy tea time in the busy modern life. ^~

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Thank you for visiting me here and hope everyone enjoy your shopping here ♥ ~Annie~ ♥
Origin / manufacturing methods
British system


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