Happy Fruit Shop - unsweetened pineapple dry flower happiness package

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Happy Fruit Shop - unsweetened pineapple dry flower happiness package


Guan Temple in Tainan, a rich sunlight. Kuanmiao sun brings out the endemic industry, in addition to Kuanmiao surface, as well as pineapple related industries. Bromeliad species is quite wide, Tainan Kuanmiao to Tainong 17-- Diamond Pineapple most famous. Diamond pineapple flesh delicate, sweet and juicy, We chose moderate maturity of pineapple continue baking, without any color pigments, Natural bake Tainan color of sunlight. Happy Flower sugar pineapple dry, than to eat pineapple sour, sweet, fragrant and farmers in addition to love, Eat more to our heart, for your favorite natural flavor. Happy Fruit Shop Taste Sweety little story: Our story is very simple, it is hoping to Taiwan and Taiwan on a variety of fruits, our way Fumed the most primitive of dried fruit, native to Taiwan even omnivorous bears will love our dried fruit, Become picky little naughty: D in addition to future baked sugar dried fruit, but also baked sugar-free dried fruit, Combined with ecological conservation concepts, our way slowly out of the promotion, this is happiness:) -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ Happy Fruit Shop - unsweetened pineapple dry flower happiness package Ingredients: fresh pineapple. Weight: 140g ± 4.5% Food Additives: None. Shelf life: 240 days. Storage: Keep in a dry and cool the environment, opened immediately after the repurchase refrigerated. Use: edible after unpacking, as it is refrigerated, please wait a post or warmed in the oven to roast before eating, excellent flavor. Vegetarian: Vegan. Precautions: (1) If the order has shipped, I am afraid can not cancel the order. (2) If the goods are damaged condition at the time of delivery, please photos as evidence, and immediately contact customer service. (3) Goods may be due to everyone display settings are slightly different color, pictures are for reference only, non-shoot props, according to the actual supply of goods, whichever style. (4) Unless otherwise stated in food commodities to trial products or obtain a trial Yidingshuliang outside, involving food hygiene, in addition to defective or does not match the specifications, do not accept the return of goods after the appreciation of customers, such as once opened, consumption, resulting in a lack of when integrity, sorry can not return. (5) Deoxidizer or desiccant packaging containing the inedible, please stay away from children. (6) The product has been insured product liability insurance 10,000,000 yuan. Distribution Stratosphere: room temperature. Foreign orders please use this Pinkoi international transport services. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade


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