"Dawn wish gift box" three wishes once satisfied! Dawn necklace group

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"Dawn wish gift box" three wishes once satisfied! Dawn necklace group


Item No. GP17WSS "On the dawn of wish gift box" When the dawn of the night, on behalf of the dawn coming soon. Dawn wish gift box, with the dawn symbol of hope is coming soon. If you are now in the darkness of life lost, for the future fear, or lack of courage and strength, or you are praying and look forward to happiness, at the end of the year, reward your efforts for a whole year or her ! In this new year make a new wish, open it to make your three wishes once satisfied! Put on the front, the first to the dawn of the necklace wish! The more you believe, the closer you'll be ... Dawn wish gift box, let you three wishes once satisfied! The combination of two necklaces can be worn together with each other to create three different shapes to match the ride. Necklace tightened the dawn of the theme, the use of different sizes and different shapes of the two kinds of light, showing a different feeling. Small dawn short chain, shorter length can be used to solve the embarrassing collar position, pendant mini show is exquisite small feeling. Dawn clavicle chain, the original design than our design museum chain clavicle chain slightly longer, pendant larger, is limited to the Japanese air transport material, the middle of the main zircon, the light part of the small zircon decorated with a total of more Up to 13 zircons, very shiny! Very suitable for use with plain or high collar clothes. Usually if you wear a lower collar, will reveal the clavicle, it can be worn together, quite a level. ☞ When shipping, we will be two dawn necklace in the mysterious dawn gift box sent to your hands. (So gifts or for their own do not need to upgrade the purchase of our gift box Hello!) / Product information / ▲ size **✔ Recommended size (Model size)** ☞ with a total length of 38 cm (small dawn) +42 cm (big dawn) **✔ Custom size** ☞ Please go to the following stores separately (please include NT.60-120 excluding deductions of 40 and 45 cm). Please contact us before purchasing. Thank you! https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1CqKEZIt?category=2 ▲ material Brass / Copper Alloy Gold Gold Plated Zircon ▲ packaging Commodities are simple and easy to pack after the unified packaging, if the full packaging needs, please note when placing orders. There are packaging upgrades to the design store to purchase. /Work day/ ▲**urgent please note!** Please read the number of days of work before you order. Is an urgent issue or any questions about the delivery time Please contact us first. After the order that is urgent, we will be too late to deal with Oh! ▲ product production Design Museum products are orders for a single order, payment is completed before the calculation of the number of working days (payment is completed after the first day of the calculation of the first working days). Due to all hand-made generally about to wait for not including holidays and national holidays 3-7 working days (excluding delivery time). ▲ goods delivery General Taiwan Island Delivery Time: Mail registration about 2-3 days, super merchandise about 2 days, part of the distant areas may be served 3-5 days. Non-Taiwan Delivery Time: **by**mailing**, depending on the destination, the number of days of delivery is different, roughly 10-14 working days after delivery (excluding Saturday and national holidays). → →**order to buy before you first notice, custom products do not return**← ← /Precautions/ → If the order, but also with pre-order goods and general custom merchandise, shipping time to pre-order goods. →**placing your order, please fill in the place where you want to fill in the total length (cm) and style selection you want to order. The size of the reservation must include the reserved space. If you do not fill in the product, Rear.** → After receiving the design to modify the size of the need to pay back and forth postage and material costs. → goods will be slightly adjusted by the length of the arrangement. → As the goods are hand-built and each person measured in different ways, so after the completion of the size error within ± 0.8 cm are normal, the size of the size provided when ordering for reference only. → each pearl, natural stone color depth and texture are different, some will have a small crack or contain impurities and other small flaws, there is no way like artificial machinery produced as perfect. Finished finished products in the natural stone size and shape will also have irregular circumstances. So there is no way 100% like the picture of the goods exactly the same Oh! → because the goods are handmade so the finished product may have hand traces (such as knot or asymmetry, etc.) there is no way as perfect as the machine, please carefully considered. → all the pictures in the picture may be due to shooting light or personal computer screen brightness and other factors have different color situation. →**brass 18k and 24k package gold mining vacuum thick plating, each batch may be some micro-color, poor thickness is 3-5 times the ordinary gold-plated, although the color is more durable, but not permanently do not fade, the same will be due to wear , Personal wear habits and maintenance methods affect the length of color retention time, a long time will oxidize the fade can not reply.**Please be sure to accept the next purchase. →**All jewelry are not wearing bathing, swimming and hot springs and so on.**Other such as skin care products, cosmetics and other chemicals .... Please also avoid contact, may lead to jewelry to accelerate the oxidation of short commodity life. → whether the goods will cause allergic concerns of the guests, please do not buy Oh! Because everyone has different allergies, there is no way to measure. → La illimit'e cr'ea do not sell samples, all goods are customized custom merchandise, do not provide return and replacement services. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan handmade


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