Sarkozy [OPUS East metalworking] Continental Iron decorative wall hook / wall hook / wall hangings / coat rack / graduation gift (Slam Dunk)

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Sarkozy [OPUS East metalworking] Continental Iron decorative wall hook / wall hook / wall hangings / coat rack / graduation gift (Slam Dunk)


★ send boys birthday gift of choice ★ Unique Creative Storage Products ★ Simple and stylish home decoration wall hook ★ European Iron gifts, personal use tilapia ★ easy to hang all kinds of items, both decorative effect **OPUS - Taiwan's cultural and creative brand** **Combine beautiful and practical, in order to fashion creative Continental Iron Design** **Let life into imagination and sense of fun.** *Slam Dunk silhouette shape, style novel* *Unique rare, decorative hook function combined effect* *Double hook design for easy hanging clothes, hats, bags, etc.* *Suction magnet design, add features to use* **● OPUS Continental Iron decorative wall hooks "Guanlangaoshou"** **Clever use of wall space, make full use of the effective storage ~**The OPUS [] Continental Iron decorative wall hooks metal material, white line of elegance and refinement to when Shang Suya style, home environment to maintain clean, orderly show living space - a special double hook storage performance design, fixed to the wall can be used, you can hang clothes, bags, hats, scarves and other articles for daily use, easy to maintain neat environment; with functional and elegant, Art Deco into the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, embellishment of your living space. Material: galvanized steel, fine paint Origin: Taiwan design and manufacture Dimensions: Length Width 36x 6x 18cm high Weight: 340g [Service] rapid arrival 1. Delivery Cargo: before 15:00 Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), to confirm the date of payment of goods imported, the confirmation, on the same day before 17:00 Delivery of goods will be sent. 2. If the payment order is completed on the same day after 16:00 will be shipped the next day; Friday 17: 00- 23:59 on Sunday to complete the order of payment, will be unified in order to ship Monday. (In case of holidays is likely to be postponed) Origin / manufacturing methods Dong Qi metalworking uphold the quality-oriented philosophy, intentions to build Taiwan metalworking brand, cost tens of millions purchase the Japanese AMADA laser cutting and folding beds and other equipment. With more than 27 years of practical experience in research and development of metal products, and piano paint color, bright color uniform, feel first class.