Natural Peridot Peridot American 14K Gold Necklace Light Jewelry

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Natural loose diamond olivine, natural pearl, American 14KGF gold injection, original design, hand made manufacturing


Natural Peridot Peridot American 14K Gold Necklace Light Jewelry


Product description
Length size ✣ 2.2mm (round top to gemstone bottom)
Gemstone Craft 裸 Loose Diamond Natural Jewelry Grade Peridot 7mm
Gem Craft ⋄ Natural Small Pearl
Metal material ⋄ Whole US 14KGF gold injection - box chain
Design concept 单纯 simple, all good
The meaning of olivine ⋄ the fruit of happiness! (August lucky stone)
Product description⋄
Original design, hand-made manufacturing, the overall exquisite compact, elegant and versatile, beautiful and durable, using natural gemstones and precious metal overall high quality, is unmatched in alloys and plastics~

[I hope my customers can find a good mood in an ordinary day]
[Easy to wear in daily trips, elegant and beautiful at any time]

[To find the true self, the jewel is the guardian stone of 妳]
[Warm and unique handwriting is a self-confidence that hangs a lifetime]


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Hand-made instructions
The products we sell are all designed by the designer, handmade products, there is no way to make unlimited additions to the factory, but our things are chic and temperament, but also the reason why everyone loves time. There are some manual errors and the traces of the pliers. Please feel free to look at it. If you want to be perfect, please go to the hypermarket to buy 喔, because it is a designer's masterpiece, hand traces can't be avoided, but we will try to be precise and perfect. .
The following conditions are not the scope, this is normal
. Chromatic aberration: Each computer will have a color difference, whichever is the real thing.
. Natural ore: Each natural stone has a different natural texture and mineral deficiency, which is unique.
. Traces: 100% handmade jewelry, the surface is inevitably a little hand-made traces.
. Metal scratches: Metal scratches on the metal surface due to friction are normal.
. Dimensional error: The size may vary due to different measurements, and 0.5 to 1 cm is within the normal range.

Gemstone/crystal natural material
We use gem crystals from the earth's veins. Natural gemstones have natural stone patterns, clouds, impurities, mineral marks, feather cracks, etc., which are normal phenomena.
The color of the product image file will be slightly different depending on the setting of the computer screen. The actual product color will prevail. If you have any questions, please contact us first.
Material Description:
US 14K gold injection
Most people are very clear about what is 925 sterling silver, but not so clear what is 14K gold. However, the 14K gold-plated jewelry has become popular in the United States and Europe, because it does not have the richness of pure gold, and the elegant pale gold is more fashionable and trendy. Our 14K gold-plated necklace has 1/20 14K GF 1/20 14K Gold Filled, 14K GF for short, and 1/20 for 5% of the total weight. 14K GF means 14K forging. Gold, that is, under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, forging 14K gold is pressed outside the metal tire. The forging gold surface has strong hardness and high wear resistance, and it is not easy to lose the golden texture.
This craft originated in the 19th century city of St. Field, England. It is usually used for high-end glasses and valuable collections with a K-gold texture.
We use the 14K gold injection material imported from the United States, and it can be maintained for 10 years without fading. In general, bathing and sweating will not have much impact, but please try to avoid chemical volatile substances in perfumes. If you accidentally touch the chemical, you can wash it off with water several times. Most people are not allergic to 14K gold, but everyone's allergens are not necessarily. For sensitive body, please consider pure gold or sterling silver jewelry!
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International 925 sterling silver
925 sterling silver refers to silver with a content of 92.5%
Because the texture of silver is too soft, it is easy to bend and deform due to impact, and cannot withstand multiple processing.
So adding 7.5% metal to sterling silver increases hardness
Its stable and moderate hardness is the standard silver of internationally recognized silverware.
• Oxidation to sterling silver is a normal phenomenon
• When the jewelry is not worn, please clean it and put it in a sealed bag.
• Electroplating will change with time and environmental changes, such as oxidation and fading, etc.
• Do not touch chemicals to reduce the occurrence of erosion
• Sterling silver jewelry is wiped dry with a silver cloth, and the plating accessories are soft cloth.
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