Spanish Nationals Canvas Shoes CIENTA Adult Size Washed Blackheads Gray Scented Shoes T955777 23

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Cienta Canvas Shoes Scent Shoes Spain



cienta ショップへ

Spanish Nationals Canvas Shoes CIENTA Adult Size Washed Blackheads Gray Scented Shoes T955777 23

**The world's most popular parent-child canvas shoes!**
When it was founded in 1982, CIENTA was a small workshop run by the family. It used simple tools and enthusiasm to make the best shoes for children. This enthusiasm has passed through three generations and continues to promote CIENTA to pursue better quality. , better design and more advanced manufacturing process. For more than 30 years, helping children's feet to grow naturally and correctly has not changed this goal.

**Direct Sulfur Pressing Method -**
After the reconciled rubber is heated to the liquid state, it is poured into the mold for making the shoe soles. When the rubber appears semi-solidified, it is directly combined with the shoe upper. This seemingly simple and direct process is not simple, except for the necessary special equipment. The materials used are also limited, but such a process has a big advantage - no chemical adhesives are needed at all.
Choosing such a method of manufacture, in addition to avoiding deterioration of the adhesive over time and affecting the structure, the most important thing is to avoid the risk of volatile chemicals in the adhesive being absorbed by the skin. This effect is intangible and slowly accumulating. It cannot be ignored

**Comfortable cushioning insoles -**
Insole that directly affects wearing comfort, CIENTA chooses to use natural latex as a material. Compared to common foaming insole, latex insole provides better elasticity and comfort.

**Washable -**
Because no adhesive is used in the production process, CIENTA's shoes can be thrown directly into the washing machine and can be worn after being air-dried. It is easier to maintain cleanliness without damaging the shoe structure due to cleaning.

**Scented sole**
Adding a rubber sole, such as fruit and other natural spices, gives a light fragrance

**Made in Green -**
Because of the importance of sustainability and social responsibility in the natural environment, CIENTA strictly selects materials and uses the production methods that have the lowest impact on the environment. Since 2015, CIENTA products have been certified by Made-in-Green (Oeko-Tex), the highest standard of the World Environmental Textile Association (2015). The product before the year is a Standard 100 certification. In addition to the certification that fabrics and dyes have to pass more than 300 kinds of harmful substances (including insecticides, heavy metal residues, and azo dyes), this certification adds to the production equipment. Review requires that the process must be harmless to production personnel and minimize environmental impact

**100% MADE in SPAIN -**
The plant located in Spain - Lario is the only production base of CIENTA. It uses local rich natural rubber resources to make cushions for shoes and shoes, uses cotton and linen supplied by local high-quality manufacturers, 100% European raw materials and 100% Spanish products. It is CIENTA's insistence and also proud

1. The product image has been adjusted to the closest to the actual color, but the color difference between different screens may still exist.

2. The shoe size of CIENTA is too small. Please use the actual measured foot length (cm) to compare the size table. If you plan to wear socks, please measure the length of the foot after putting on the socks, if your foot is wider or If you have any questions about size selection, please contact us.

3. There may be some residual rubber in the upper and inside, as well as uneven joints between the rubber outsole and the upper. There may be a slight yellow stain on the edges of the rubber outsole and the sole (the lubricant used in the mold). The direct sulphur-making method is very easy to happen. These conditions are not embarrassing and do not affect the use and durability of shoes.

4. The 997 series fabrics are made by first stitching and re-staining, so there may be a slight color difference. This is a normal case. Its characteristics are not

5. The shoes may have slight tolerances, unevenness, unremoved threads, etc., which do not affect the structure and durability of the shoes. They do not belong to the scope of goods (as shown below).

6. The edges of the outsole and the toe of the black-toe shoe have signs of wear (as shown in the figure below). The design is originally designed. Each pair of shoes is present. If it is unacceptable, do not place orders.

7. The size of the 35-foot adult shoe style is not the same as the size of children's shoes under 34. The details of the drawings are for reference only. Please pay attention.

8. Due to the effect of the stone washing process, some of the colors of the 777 series will cause more noticeable color drop and contamination when used in the initial period. This situation will reduce with time and use times. It is recommended to wear dark socks and clothing.

**If you have any product related questions, please contact us**
**The pictures, texts, and illustrations of this design shop belong to Tengjie Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.**
**This product is CALZADOS CIENTA SL authorized Taiwan agent company goods, please rest assured to buy**


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