The next stop: we still ~ ~ accompany the memory collection box ~ [a mood bit of the text + five Dorothy theme concept goods] + we are happy people (pink models) (VUU0020,3BKP342)

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The next stop: we still ~ ~ accompany the memory collection box ~ [a mood bit of the text + five Dorothy theme concept goods] + we are happy people (pink models) (VUU0020,3BKP342)


Buy "the next stop: we still we" limited bonus [we are happy people (pink models)】 magnet bookmarks (after delivery).
[Immediately Collect Dorothy]
The end is another start,
After the most missed season, we set foot on a different starting point,
With my blessing, go, toward the next stop.

After that day farewell, as if to say the same, we are still in the summer. In order to retain time, keep memories, you still the same, as long as a phone call, came to my eyes, even if the day do not feel tired to meet Just when the summer to the end, the future or desperate to come. But I have no dismay, I finally understand the so-called separation, farewell or end, are to let us meet the next good day, but friends, this does not mean I forgot you, because I always know you Can be more brave and firm to the next stop.

In "confession", Dorothy conveys warmth and healing with words. This time "the next stop: we still we" will be in your life on the next journey of the occasion, ready for you to always look, real feelings of the gift.
Tell you and the most important of him or her: "Even if we are, we are still the same."

★ ★ <companion memory> collection box 【Attached: a mood drip text + five Dorothy theme concept goods】
<Companion memory> collection box is a reminder of the past, the expectations of the future.
Dorothy is a good helper that can not be described, thankful, and memorable, and is a good helper in life. It is included in the collection box, and when you use them, it seems like to review all of your life. Beautiful.

Mood bit by bit text: "the next stop, we still we" 32 pages
Please feel all the cheers of the text all received heart, into energy, bless you also bless yourself.
Even if the goal of our life is no longer the same, but still as usual to refuel each other, as usual when each other good friends. Let me accompany you to the next trip, let me participate in your life in the small things, let me embrace when you are vulnerable and vulnerable heart, regardless of sunny rainy day, I have to accompany you.

Commodity one: [By Your Side. Accompany] to accompany the memory collection box
Length 20cm / width 14cm / height 5cm
I want to become a suitcase, please go to the distance to bring me, how far it does not matter, how long it does not matter. No matter where you are, I will accompany you, travel.
◎ ultra-fine suitcase concept gift box, with a hardness of the cover and the box is not easy to break, can be used for a long time, brought gifts both decent and complete expression of mind!

Commodity two: [Follow Your Dreams. Follow the dream] color car suture notebook
Length 19cm / width 13cm, 64 pages
Always write, always talk to yourself. Write down memories, write everyday things, write down the future plan, in the realization of the dream of the road, must have its companions.
◎ hand-sewn to create hand-made texture, rounded cut to avoid cornering Alice sheet damage. Inside pages have a little page and a blank page, a dual-use more convenient!

Commodity three: [Be Brave. Brave to meet] paper tape
Long 10M / width 15mm
We can not predict the journey of the next second will meet someone, what happened, since that, then brave to meet, to create their own unique landscape.
◎ white outline lines depict a special Dorothy style design, each pattern can be self-contained, you can use a random tear, you can also separate the creative pattern of creativity!

Commodity four: [Enjoy the little things. Enjoy] modeling convenience stickers
Length 15cm / width 8cm
Please note the goodness between us, mark the memorable things one by one, in every prominent place to remind: the role of different, different situations we have to live very well.
◎ Each of the three different sizes of convenience stickers, 8 different patterns, each pattern of 30, a total of 240. It's easy to use a message, a note, or as a label!

Commodity five: [No Distance. Zero distance] can be vertical card
Length 8.6cm / width 5.4cm, 20 in / bag
Always keep you in mind, we do not need to contact on a specific day. Birthday, anniversary, is to talk about the day, take out a small card, write a cheerful or good nauseating words to him.
◎ in line with the special size of the photo was a small gift card, the message card is also a bookmark, so you use more flexible.

Drawing for the emotion / drawing for the idea / for life

Like a simple map with a temperature of the text.
Like a simple life with a temperature on the day.
Hope that works can bring some warm and moving others.
Hope that warmth and touches can overflow in our lives.

Dorothy is a girl who likes to fill life with illustrations,
Her world also want to head of the scarecrow, want a heart of Tin woodman, and want to courage the timid lion.
It is only hope that people can draw their lives through Dorothy's work, find the real oneself, and turn them into better people.
Origin / manufacturing method
Origin of Taiwan


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