Colorful hot air balloon monkey shape turned sugar cake

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juhappyju ショップへ

Colorful hot air balloon monkey shape turned sugar cake


㊣ pure hand-made heart ㊣
✿ Please contact us before ordering
✿ Confirm the order and pay the transaction
As agreed to Ju Happy Ju transaction notes and delivery instructions
✿ time can not match, the order will be automatically canceled
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Ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ Ⓑ ⓓⓐⓨ ⓓⓐⓨ
❤ baby ❤ life in the first birthday!
Of course, well prepared
✐ record precious and happy picture
Take a dream hot air balloon
Let the rainbow unicorn accompany you happy grow up !!!

☆ Ingredients:
Cake (pounds cake) /
French Tower Fermented Cream / Shian Ranch Egg / Violet Flour / Tablet Sugar Powder
Bottom  6-inch Earl Black Tea Pound Cake (Nari Ruka Earl Black Tea Powder)
Upper  4 inch vanilla pounds cake
Surface Filtration / Malaysia & USA Imported Sugar / PME Food Color Toner / British Sugar Sugar
Note !! 2 layers of cake, hot air balloon, unicorn, monkey with paper shaft support
Please remove when eating.
Hot air balloon main body in order to reduce the weight, designed for Pauli Long ball !!
Do not eat.

☆ Validity:
Room temperature within 3 days of consumption, the best flavor.
Cold storage, please return to warm one hour after eating, sugar back surface tide, dehumidifier available dehumidification.

☆ Quantity:
Cake finished about 6 to 10 inches, high boxed a boxed.

☆ Packing:
Will be protected by anti-collision package (plastic wrap & new bubble paper).
Boxed delivery

❤ warm heart to remind! Black cat black cats due announcement does not accept the cake with whipped cream cake style Delivery
If the order is not convenient for self-sufficiency, we will do our best to protect the delivery,
Only the distribution process is difficult to grasp the whole, the cake may be a little damaged, can accept the customer to order.

But the taste is like a candy, like the above pigment are food color, although it can eat, but I still feel "as" to eat Just fine !!

Pound cake, as the name suggests is the use of cream, sugar, eggs, flour, a pound when the material, in order to support the sugar even, it is the best body !! Some people think it is sweet, we have sugar production, because It is recommended that you rush a pot of hot tea to celebrate the day tasting part, the rest can stay in the next 2 days to eat.

Happy and warm and warm picture, is a very important part of life !!
With healthy materials, special hand, for your production of your own memories,
Is the power of JU HAPPY!

Origin / manufacturing method
Origin of Taiwan handmade


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