The sea side of the 193 (a small book + a map)

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The sea side of the 193 (a small book + a map)


**What is 193?** 193 is Taiwan's "longest", but also cycling enthusiasts mouth "beautiful" is County Road. North of Hualien County Xincheng three stacks, south Yuli Township in Hualien County music together, a total length of 110.920 km. "Sea side of the 193," County Road 193 is located in the northernmost 0-7k, the end of 2015, 193 appeared to broaden the message. **Fam 193 have a good life** So "sometimes writing studio" 2015 Winter editing program partners into the 0-7k 193 for five when three not to walk to 193. Later listen to people say that we constantly move, let them curious. Because very few people will be here, "walk" ...... Slowly, we recognize that 193 people, flora and fauna found there, and has disappeared ...... set-century fishing grounds, exclusive recipe lamb furnace, the Black Forest, Botanic Gardens, Museum of Art, long abandoned bonito lush trees plant, walking pig cats and dogs, fixed to foraging crows, trees forest girl ...... 193 is not just one way in our hearts, there lives. **A small book + 1 = map 'side of the sea of 193 "** 193, perhaps a path like that in your hometown. Your hometown, whether there take a country road carrying childhood memories? Close your eyes, you still remember the small road breath? There are some people with a variety of small lives, not under public concern, truly live. Here, they are facing is changed to become "just one way." It needs to be seen profound: the land should not just be using the humans, trees, animals, here are a part of. Such messaging, with our small force, can do something about it? We think so, then got up action, completed this "sea side of the 193." _ Sea side of 193 smaller books _ **Directory** 1. This is the place you want to continue living ── Fairmont drunk Seven lamb furnace home p6-11 2. Slowly and other fish. ── slowly eating fish fishery Fairmont Fairmont home p12-18 3. Thank you for waiting for me ── Fairmont dog home p19 4. quirky house ── Germany Yan Manbo museum home p20-25 5. is the betel nut shop, is also home to _ Xiaoya Fairmont betel nut house p26-29 6. species where home is there _ Kawan Liu Wei Yin's home p30-35 Living Memory 7.193 Fairmont Lan Mei County Road _ Grandma, Auntie Kawan A powder p36-41 8. look kind of disappeared back windbreaks _ Yan Tak natural sea home p42-47 9. A person walking _ Kawan spring cherry aunt's home p48-53 10. The nature observation walks when _193 Black Forest p54-59 11. The error _ a beautiful white Byron Fairmont home p60-65 12. simple and pure presence p66-69 13.2618 Baoan Lin + practical way, citizen participation p70-71 **Specifications** Pages: 72 Size: 175 (w) mm╳240 (h) mm Paper: Cover 158.2g, inside 105.5g (all-wood Dowling) _ The sea side of the 193 map _ size: Expand 692 (w) mmX238 (h) mm Fold 173 (w) mmX238 (h) mm Paper: 105.5g (full wood Dowling) **OF** Sometimes writing editing school. 2015 teachers and students co-authoring We are a small studio, fall, and ten different young people work together to learn editors interviewed annually. Expected annual ten, plus ten ..... Hualien more and more young people to participate in Hualien write a clear, let more people know. "DIY own publishing, learning to edit their own lives. Everyone can, use your hands and heart, drawing pictures and writing, we record jump footprint on the earth." This is "sometimes writing studio 'expectations . Please pay attention to our fan page "sometimes writing editorial Academy" The author _ Linyi Ling, Wang Xinyi, Lin Jing, Courtney are, should still Cheng, Xie Jialing Laichong Wen, Wang Yuping, Xu Wei, Zhang Huiyi, Cai Xiaowei Photography _ tree image Lin Jing Drawing _ Cai Shao Wen (map), Cai Xiaowei Xu Wei Design _ Cai Shao Wen Publishing _ sometimes writing studio Publication date _ March 2016 Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan. Hualien. Co-authoring. Independent Publishing


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