Tim Hing kiln / Puzhen burn - No. 3 bowl - inscription (auspicious)

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Tim Hing kiln / Puzhen burn - No. 3 bowl - inscription (auspicious)


Puzhen burning series
We call the "anti-Pu Guizhen" pottery series we call "Pu really burn". Made of natural materials and traditional mining engineering methods, modern science and technology of non-compound technology, it can be called "organic pottery." Pu really burning kiln in conjunction with Tim-the original "bamboo charcoal energy pottery 'technical production to double exclusive original series combined, can generate complementary value-added effect. ITRI was tested and found to our carbon-ceramic bamboo can send a strong far-infrared, so it is a good health function. Thus, the collection and appreciation of both works, health and practical, taking into account the full range of body and soul can be described as the yield.

Pu Chuang - No.3 bowl - inscription (auspicious)
Number of pieces: No. 3 inscription bowl 1 only
● Material: clay, natural gray glaze, bamboo carbon glaze
● Burning: 1250 ° C
● Size: Ø8.6cm × H5cm
Origin: Taiwan / set

Usage: After washing can be used; ceramic products fragile, please avoid using the collision.
Maintenance: After use to clean water or detergent, natural dry.
The kiln products are produced by hand, glaze, texture, minor deformation are normal, the specification difference of ± 5%.
(Defect definition: serious cracks, water seepage)

Tim Hing Kiln was founded in 1955, has a long history of 62 years, and took the lead in 1980 since the culture of deep plowing the development of "life pottery industry", works by all sectors of praise, over the years by the competent authorities and the relevant academic units agree and Counseling and assistance, the current cultural industry model has become more skilled.
Tim Hing kiln has always been to the cultural industry as a permanent axis and direction, also won the government Wenzhong Development in charge of the unit evaluation of outstanding awards, and widely by the major media and the community of good comments and expectations.

Winning experience
1994 was selected as the Taipei International Ceramics Expo top ten fine manufacturers
2003 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the assessment of creative life business case
In 2004 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Intellectual Property Board named the cultural and creative industries well-known trademarks
In 2005 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs issued GSP fine store logo
2006 was selected by the SME office as OTOP good manufacturers
2007 third generation master Lin Qinghe won the construction will be awarded the title of the family
In 2008, the Pulley Brewery Bamboo Charcoal Wine Bottle was held in Nantong County with the top ten prizes. The bamboo pottery pottery pottery was awarded the top ten prizes of Nantou County
2009 registered as Nantou County cultural assets - historical buildings
2012 is the system of Zhenglong winery bamboo charcoal glaze bottle "willing, Peach hi" by the Nantong County top ten with hand ceremony, for the system of Songlin tea factory bamboo charcoal glaze tea pot "Ming Yang universal" was selected technology center fine Crafts
Winning OTOP Quality Enterprise Award in 2013
2016 Ministry of Economic Affairs Award Gold Award "excellent innovation old shop" and by the President, the Chief Executive summoned the ceremony
Origin / manufacturing method
Origin of Taiwan


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