From Japan and Taiwan grew - purple heart sweet potato flour

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From Japan and Taiwan grew - purple heart sweet potato flour


**Purple Heart potato**- This is not a "sweet potato taro" We in Taiwan, but the variety Kagoshima Japan, Yunlin Lin Qi water for a year of a collection, only in the winter (December to February). Purple heart sweet potato is rich in iron, anthocyanins, and belong to the good starch, low sugar, sweet potato fiber to better promote gastrointestinal motility.

**Consumption mode**
Videos will introduce all kinds of purple heart sweet potato flavor cooking methods, recipes pictures and text can reference below.
Proud purple wind Montblanc
Materials: Tapie, silent cream 300g, sugar 125g, whole eggs 100g, flour 550g.
Filling: 1 egg, milk, 250g, corn flour 20g, animal cream 100g, unsalted butter 20g, sugar 50g.
Upper: purple heart sweet potato 300-400g (also one o'clock more steamed up, also when wiping sauce, children or groceries)
1. Tapie preemptive
First whole eggs beaten in Jiarutapi material grasping uniform, after then do something like rice balls, like, knead a diameter of about 6 cm long, then cut into about 1 cm discs, into 3-inch circular die . Into the oven, 200 degrees 20 minutes, remove the cooked spare.

2. custard sauce
A corn flour and egg with average use.
B milk, cream, sugar, corn flour boiled yolk Li rushed to A, and heating was continued to a paste, let cool reserve.
B cooling after discharge, into micro whipped cream and mix well (this step is to increase the taste, no such step is generally custard sauce - secret trick!)

3. The top decoration
Steamed purple heart sweet potatoes pressure mud, crowded into the flower. After the bottom covered with a layer custard sauce (not too much, only about 1/2 of the tower)
In the upper layer, choose your favorite squeeze flower after flower Sprinkle powdered sugar to squeeze. (Also with a fine straight strip crowded flower, like ice cream as medium stack crowded flowers, sprinkle with powdered sugar in, so it is more like department store selling sweets Oh!)
Wind proud purple ice cream
Material: purple heart sweet potato 500g (about 2-3), purple heart sweet potato powder 30g, animal cream 250g, vanilla ice cream 250g (about one small box), organic cranberry and cashew nuts a little flavor, tender sweet potato leaves two ( can also be substituted with mint)
1. First wash steamed sweet potato, 500g sweet potatoes, add 2 cups of about half a meter of water into the outer pot, steamed sweet potatoes will be very soft, sweet potatoes after steamed, peeled with a fork, press mud (very hot good peeled, but be careful hot), after pressure mud, molded into different shapes and sizes of poi ball back.
2. blenders added animal whipped cream, sugar, purple heart sweet potato powder, at a moderate speed to hit thickens (generally crowded flower cream concentration).
3. The first sweet potato mud balls at random display, put two balls of ice cream on a sweet potato mud ball, and finally put a lump in the uppermost layer purple heart sweet potato whipped cream, sprinkled with cashew nuts and cranberries as well as in ornamental sweet potato leaves or herbs can Oh (plus sweet potato leaves is even more evident at the special dessert!)
Vanilla ice cream is also added to sweet potato flour stirred, there will be purple particles on the ice cream, but also a great visual Oh!
Proud purple wind toast and wiping sauce
Toast: high-gluten flour 895g, yeast 12g, sugar 165g, salt 13g, water 610g, fermented unsalted butter 105g, purple heart sweet potato powder 30g, sweet potato mud 150g.
Purple heart sweet potato wipe sauce: purple heart sweet potato mud 300g, fermented unsalted butter 160g, salt 3g, sugar 40g.
1. First high-gluten flour, sugar, salt, water, cream, purple heart sweet potato powder, sweet potato mud mix appears to gluten (dough will not pull off the rib-like), and then after the addition of yeast dough kneading sufficient.
2. organize the dough into a smooth round ball back with plastic wrap, at room temperature about 26 degrees on the fermentation for 1 hour.
3. After one hour, cut 4 equal groups are then left to ferment for 40 minutes to 1 hour.
4. Place in the oven to 200 degrees, 30 minutes to test boxes and serve!

Wiping sauce
Purple heart sweet potato steamed pressed into the mud while it is hot, add butter, salt, sugar after pressure mud, full mix. (To wipe the sauce bottle, you need to boil the water before bottling bottles completely sterilized and dried. After bottling the sauce wiped Please put the refrigerator, and can put about 14 days, after eating, be sure to clean and spatula dry).
Purple heart sweet potato yogurt
Material: steamed / grilled purple heart sweet potato 150g, yogurt 250g, ice 50g, sugar 2 spoons (based on personal preferences to add, add flavor can also be replaced with honey)
Place all ingredients into a conditioning machines playing uniform, then whipped yogurt sprinkled removed after a few cashews and cranberries, to complete.

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**Product specifications and contents**
Ingredients: purple heart sweet potato
Contents: 120 g + -10 grams.
Effective Date: As shown (AD date) caps
Shelf life: 12 months (unopened), please eat as soon as possible after unpacking.
Manufacturer: Jun Cha kitchen
Address: No. 16, Nantou County Puli Shuren Road Town
Phone: (049) 290-1758
Storage: in a dry cool place, kept refrigerated after opening, please, and finish eating as soon as possible, enclosing a desiccant, do not eat.
Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan

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