Favola - Chocolat R staff mellow chocolate cake


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    The 64% cacao manor used in this work is from Dominican Republic. It is located in a subtropical climate with a strong h
  • About design:
    We want to make a low-key yet fully revealing the cacao luxury aroma of chocolate cake!
    Do not want to use those who suddenly stimulate the taste buds, but eat the more tired of the body does not help spices and materials, hoping to make delicious chocolate cake pure and beautiful, not in the mouth residual odor, long-term to get along not sweet, people gradually love On the kind of chocolate taste, but a very strong feeling of staying power.
    Therefore, we have improved the traditional French classical chocolate cake recipe, which makes the chocolate cake more suitable for Taiwanese people. In addition to reducing the sweetness, we also maintain the rich aroma of cocoa, using enough of Saint James rum (Hemingway favorite). .) To maintain cocoa aroma, increasing the overall moisture. The most important cocoa raw materials have also tested a lot of brands, the final choice of the best and most stable Valrhona chocolate as a material.

    About food feeling:
    ROCOCO Op. 1 is a solid chocolate cake made from a high proportion of the top Valrhona Tanori 64% chocolate, with a special natural baking technique to make the cake moist and light. Origin of the cocoa manor originating in Dominican Republic, due to its subtropical climate and strong hurricane intersection, the cocoa is made with the flavors of yellow fruit and fresh citrus flavors. Mu grape even more rich, mellow is not greasy! Is the entry point for chocolate gluttons

    preservation method:
    Fa Fu Na please be sure to keep in the freezer, ice return at room temperature about 5-15 degrees C for the best taste
    Fa Fu Na if you have not cut open, as with the outer box into the freezer, must be eaten within 3 days
    Uncut condition can be stored in the freezer for 7-10 days

    Drink with suggestions:
    Recommended with light coffee, whiskey, tea, orange juice.

    **Brand story**
    **Let the food return to the original beautiful**
    ROCOCO was born to restore the original flavor of food, using the original materials back to life, the resurrection of traditional and more complex technology was born in Taiwan professional chocolate guru brand. It is hoped that the teacher's talents will be applied to the development of better baking technologies, not only to reduce costs, but also to make Taiwan's flavor more like a century-old look brought back to Taiwan for dessert.

    **Chocolate staff, life hung life**
    Dessert chef with more than 10 years of baking experience, solid baking technology, as a five-star hotel dessert division, not only to participate in the international chocolate contest several times, and in Japan to study orthodox Fa Funa training courses back to Taiwan, hoping to use in this studio Five-star hotel are prohibitive of high-level ingredients to restore the dessert should have some professionalism, people return to the first taste of sweet and moving.

    **Media introduction**
     Ppaper Magazine -
    Not popular, for a lifetime in exchange for the persistence of taste
     Taste taste Taste-
    Chocolate cake touched by a meal
     20 30 40 Magazine -
    NO COCO NO LIFE! Feel the soothing magic of top chocolate

    *Delicious chocolate cake, as soft as the feathers but also mellow, like life ... No Coco No Life!*
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan by hand, subject to production
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Favola - Chocolat R staff mellow chocolate cake

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