Textured wooden pen Phoebe Shaw Taiwan / Taiwan define / woody aroma

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Textured wooden pen Phoebe Shaw Taiwan / Taiwan define / woody aroma


[Taiwan] wood species Phoebe Shaw

[Introduction] timber
With saturated and natural yellow-brown, with a unique flavor, is one of Taiwan with wood species representative.

Exterior circle Mining and no level difference weave design, a smooth streamline shape, pen cap for mating arcuate clip parts, is more detailed than talks straight style.

[Stainless Steel] F sharp tip (tip S)

[Parts] attached ink absorber / Black Ink Cassette / black pencil cases / manuals 1

[Note] before buying
There are many special pen to note the use and maintenance details,
Nib before shipment will be checked in particular,
Please use a pen known to re-purchase Oh ~

(1) is an ancient pen writing instrument, his principle is the ink by capillarity for the ink to flow out from the cracks of the tip, the tip must make when writing up front, showing the way of writing slope will smooth out ink, ball pen and as long as the ball can roll, what angle can the way the ink is very different.
(2) filling ink pen ink absorber is recommended to use the included, and can only use the special pen ink, the ink will not easily lead card or a water ring true, the ink cassette will start using less likely to flow nib, it will not be like blotter water so smooth, so stay aware.
(3) writing if the water flow, and do not push down firmly the pen tip will cause the ink is too large, it is easy to damage long time down the tip broken, check whether it is rarely used because the cause will not dry out solidification.
(4) If a long time not in use, pen and ink absorber by way of continuing to draw clean water clean longer storage, in order to avoid long-term is not used, so that the ink plugs kill in the pen tongue, it is possible to use in the future and therefore the ink will not ring true Oh !
(5) wooden pens have been placed in more than two months before shipping, timber store are also stable after years of production, will be sent after careful examination, seasonal changes in general there will be no problem splitting wood, but do not place / to the Cabinets or very dry places / countries and regions to use, and do not fall and severe impact of temperature and humidity changes, so as to avoid splitting the wood.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade craft home


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