Polar marble [flames] mobile phone shell / protective shell / phone hard shell / protective cover S6 edge S7 M8

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☆ use a textured phone case, showing personalized features. ☆ use as if the real marble pattern phone case, color withou


Polar marble [flames] mobile phone shell / protective shell / phone hard shell / protective cover S6 edge S7 M8



**Note: shiny hard shell surface, near the metering will have a spiral translucent lines, belonging to the pigment in the transfer of the normal phenomenon, but does not affect the overall appearance, please confirm acceptable to buy Oh !!**
**"design concept"**
Polar marble series, Onor is the first mobile phone shell, self-designed stone patterns, pick the marble of choice of materials, with the star-Om multi-function mobile phone sets, the phone also has a personalized, scratch-resistant Wound, drop-resistant and wipe with new products.
Onor likes to design reusable products, care for the earth's resources, use different materials to show another texture, and make life easier. With this concept, it is designed to be marketed by most people.
With the marble design concept, named after the fan votes plus vote, this series of names set as "polar marble series", thank you for your help.

☆ use the texture of the phone shell / sleeve, showing personalized features.
☆ use as if the real marble pattern phone case, color without leaving a blank.

**"product manual"**
**Feel good, like a real marble**
Onor picks just 1 mm thick phone case, more marble features, in addition, there is no ordinary phone case convex or concave arc will have to pick again, the use of shell and curved corners can present a warm and thick material.

**Very light, reducing the burden of increasing the pocket or bag**
The iPhone 6 + / 6s + full case only 27 grams (other sizes smaller, lighter), is a while maintaining a thick feel, but very lightweight phone case

**No color mobile phone white, piano paint, visual and then upgrade**
Many mobile phone shell border is white or different material, if you want to have full color border, the higher cost.
In addition, in order to make the phone case looks like a real marble, the lens and the shell itself has a concave edge of the box surface continuous color, no white, special color like piano paint texture.
__In order to make the phone case is not white, no matter what an hour can only produce 4, high production costs, for everyone a realistic marble phone case.__

**Hard enough, more durable**
Selected for texture marble material, enough hardness, not because of the time, the climate hot and cold deformation, do not hurt the phone and more durable.


**Packaging turned into universal calendar, environmental protection, love the earth**
Like Onor Super Wipes, eco-friendly packaging, cell phone case packs can be turned into upright multi-purpose almanacs, and we work with every resource on the planet! Beautiful packaging is also very suitable for gifts!

Tied tied to the rope, there is Onor label card above, so that every detail, the use of natural decomposition of the material. https://img.onordesign.com/auction/polarmarble/pinkoi/polarmarble-phonecase-4-2.jpg

Put a piece of paper card like this, you will transform the calendar on the table to see the day of the month is the day of the week, you can adjust the good Hello. Kraft paper is very durable, so that everyone's calendar can be used for a long time, it is a long time.

**"Polar marble series has four colors, four styles"**
**Dark dark**
Black marble is very rare, expensive, especially with white or gold lines, looks very gorgeous, used in high-rise buildings, Onor will be the combination of these three colors at the same time for men and women.
We will be all black in different materials: the mirror effect, long fiber suede cloth and short fiber suede cloth, improve the overall black product texture. Have you found a Phoenix in the middle?

With a gold-colored marble, coupled with plain models of black chestnut moon colored cell phone case unexpectedly good-looking!

Or with the black section of the prime color vanilla is also very good!

**Snow white**
Most of the white marble lines mostly gray or brown, this is the use of black and blue, we have noticed that there is a middle of the Phoenix? This is the same pattern with dark tide black
White will not be dirty easily? Onor try for more than a month, remember to put the color on the table when facing up, now it looks clean (usually work, every day), just put the washing machine can be cleaned. https://img.onordesign.com/auction/polarmarble/pinkoi/polarmarble-phonecase-5-4.jpg

Some beautiful foul

**3 flame red**
Amber is a resinous fossil. Its wide function and steady warm color system can settle people's hearts. Add a watercolor brush element to make amber and white-green marble escape gender and age.
You can see each cell phone pocket is a continuous suit color, production difficulty and then upgrade.

Coupled with a rose gold phone is also very good looking

**Ice crystal blue**
Jade is a kind of jade, Onor fusion of violet emerald and white jade concept, showing another refreshing feeling.

At the same time contains a variety of shades of blue, the middle of the back shell with a regular main line, walk in the real and illusory, simple and refreshing, very good-looking style.

**Four common problems (only need you 1 minute)**
Q1: marble cell phone shell is smooth and beautiful, will not be bad maintenance?
A: As long as the home use (steam locomotive / leather / piano) colorless waxing agent, or female maintenance of the emulsion or fat products, simply wipe to restore a clean surface, because each of the different components of krypton, Proposed wax before the first shell in the phone try the first color.

Q2: This phone case is hard shell or soft shell? Are there all-inclusive?
A: This section of polar marble is hard shell, hard shell molding most of the upper and lower openings, in order to easy to install and remove (PS soft shell is all inclusive).

Q3: Is there a glass cover can install this phone case?
A: Yes, the full version of the glass protection can be installed.


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